Dangers in Warcraft

Since we’re beginning a new year, I thought I would just send everyone a warning about the dangers in warcraft. You need to look out for your fellow party members – especially in ZG. And going AFK when you are underwater in Maraudon is probably not recommended!

Any questions?

Just so that everyone knows that they can ask me questions at any time, and I’ll do my best to answer them! And final proof that warlocks are turning against us, and going to the darkside in ZG. PS. Telamar really was soulstoned!

General Update

First up, we have a victorious PvP team having one over Jonneh. It was a late night with many good battles, but this remains the sweetest. A late night run of Scholo produces interesting chatter: And finally, flamy guy went down again:

SI > Ragnaros

In a watershed day for Strangely Ironic, we have defeated Ragnaros. Many thanks to everyone who stuck with it today especially, and everyone who has attended our runs. Special thank you to all who provided mats and other goodies for our battle today. Simply fantastic.