Naxx Progression

Okay, so as most will know we’ve started on our Naxxramas journey. We’ve met with some good progress, screenshots as follows. All in all, we’ve progressing very well – with the Instructor battle going pretty smoothly. Corpse despawned, so we went and took a photo in the battle room instead!

Belatedly, we also downed this guy the other week ๐Ÿ˜€

Large images of Instructor and Anub available.

General Stuff + Recruitment

On the Recruitment front, we are currently searching for a Paladin (preferably with Blessing of Kings or willing to respec to) who can make at the least, our weeknight raids. Gear isn’t as important as experience of some kind – be that MC, ZG or AQ. You should enjoy healing (and not suck at it), be able to buff without being reminded – and not have a nervous itch to break out a 2Her to get SoC crits. Apply on the Recruitment forum if you are this type of player.

Times like this I remember the days of Paladin tanks and Paladin dps – sadly for applicants, now isn’t that time!

As we progress in Naxxramas, we stop and reflect on some of the things that make you laugh. Two such things were as follows. Firstly, we have Psychotic teaching us the benefits of concentrating on boss encounters:

And secondly, we have Tabion attempting to shortcut his way to EPL. History will show however, that he beat Blur to LHC:

SI -v- SH: PvP

When we made Strangely Hordish, way down the track we wanted to achieve two things – run Molten Core, and PvP against each other. Late tonight, SI went down bravely 2-3 to the SH juggernaut.

Relevant end of game chatter: