Coppermine Gallery

One of the features we have here on the website is the ability to upload and view WoW Screenshots (or indeed, any picture file) for other members to view and comment on. We encourage all members to create their own galleries to share in the fun. If you have WoW Screenshots but are unsure how […]

Epic Sets

Once you have finished with your rare (blue) set for your class, you can move onto your epic (purple) set!! Druid 1. Cenarion Raiment 2. Stormrage Raiment Hunter 1. Giantstalker Armor 2. Dragonstalker Armor Mage 1. Arcanist Regalia 2. Netherwind Regalia Rogue 1. Nightslayer Armor 2. Bloodfang Armor Shaman 1. The Earthfury 2. The Ten […]

PvP Ranks

14 Grand Marshal High Warlord Epic-quality weapon and shield 13 Field Marshal Warlord Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves 12 Marshal General Epic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots 11 Commander Lieutenant General Commander’s epic mount 10 Lieutenant Commander Champion Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor 9 Knight-Champion Centurion Battle standard 8 Knight-Captain Legionnare Superior-quality chest armor […]

Proudmoore Census Stats

Thought everyone would be interested in this tidbit of information – captured at 3:30 PM AEST on Saturday 4th of June: Alliance Players Online: 2461 Guild Players Online: Titans of Gold, Fused, Black Wolf Mercenaries (Strangely Ironic Ranks ,11) Classes: Druid – 9% Hunter – 14% Mage – 13% Priest – 10% Rogue – 14% […]

Strangely Ironic Welcomes You!

On behalf of the existing player base in Strangely Ironic, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to the gang from Immortal Vigilantes & Aspects of the Dragon who have relocated into the realms that is SI. This expansion will allow the guild to regularly tackle end-game instances such Stratholme, Scholomance, Blackrock Spire and […]

Pictures to kill for!

Just a little competition idea for everyone – post in the photo gallery your pics of kills that you’re particularly proud of, for one reason or another! Did you just one shot an injured mage in the middle of a pack of angry horde… AND get away? Did you just team up with a group […]

Files @ Strangely Ironic

Circulating the Internet at the present time are multiple fun and funny videos themed in the World of Warcraft. In order to provide faster downloads for our guild members, some of the best videos are available below: The Famous Leeroy 17MB Sorrow Hill, a Mage in Power 100MB A Wedding in Warcraft 90MB Music – […]

You’ve reached L60…now what?

For those of you who have reached the big 6-0, and are wondering what to do next, there are still a lot of things to do when you finish questing and grinding to complete a level. [size=14″>Instances[/size”> There are many instances for the Level 60, and you can go on instance runs for various reasons […]

Rare Set Drops Article Post

Would you like to know where your rare set drops? Sick of looking up thottbot and just want a list of where you have to go? Our new Article Rare Sets gives you the details of where you have to go for your Blue class sets. Now you can raid in the knowledge you are […]

Rare Sets

[size=14″>Druid[/size”> Head (BoP) – Wildheart Cowl – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance Shoulder (BoP) – Wildheart Spaulders – Gizrul the Slavener, LBRS Chest (BoP) – Wildheart Vest – General Drakkisath, UBRS Wrist (BoE) – Wildheart Bracers – Random, Stratholme (Undead) Hands (BoE) – Wildheart Gloves – Random, BRS Waist (BoE) – Wildheart Belt – Random, Scholomance Legs […]

Class Discussions

We have some interesting class discussions during our raids. Here are a couple for those not on the channel… In the mages channel: I have had quite a few comments about how the healing channel is very quiet, and that we really should try and chat more. We’ll let you decide if this is a […]

SI has entered the building…

Welcome to all the new members to the website. We hope to make this as interactive as possible, so please visit often. If for any reason, you cannot see the poll, the new articles or the forums, please tell us immediately!! Article Post: WoW Abbreviations Are you confused by the constant abbreviations in the chat […]

Guild Rankings Explained

There are 8 guild ranks: PENALTY BOX If you are abusing your priviledges as a guild member, you may be demoted to this rank. You do not have any speaking priviledges, but can read guild chat. TRIAL New recruits for a period of 3-4 weeks. At the end of the trial period, new recruits will […]

WoW Abbreviations

These abbreviations are commonly used in game to describe situations and events. Expect to see these frequently used. Zone/City Specific: BS = Burning Steppes DWM = Dustwallow Marsh DW = Duskwood EPL = Eastern Plaguelands IF = Ironforge LM = Loch Modan MH = Menethill Harbor SG = Searing Gorge SS = Southshore STV = […]

New Guild Started on Proudmoore!

A new guild has been started on the Proudmoore Server. Players were enthusiastic about the new guild name Strangely Ironic. A fresh beginning is a great start, and I’m happy to see that this guild is going places…namely XR to kill Horde an unidentified member has said. We look forward to hearing great things about […]