The Burning Crusade

We enter The Burning Crusade, backed by years of experience at grinding and camping mobs whilst ten thousand other players fight for the same kill. For many, its a battle against the pack as they move in one heap between areas. At time of writing, Zangarmarsh has become the Hellfire Peninsula of BC release. Thankfully, Blizzard have given us some easily accessible instance content without having to trapse the Earth.

Personally, the levelling speed has a concern. To see players hit L70 in basically what’s been 3 and a bit days, was a mistake. However, if you ignore the power grinders most seem to be actively engaged in content which is great to see.

Of course, with levelling comes comments…

Context is a wonderful thing!

And even more amusingly, the above two pictures were sized manually – yet are pretty equal in height – win ๐Ÿ˜€