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Spurred on by those with more money than people like me, we continued our journey in Karazhan. Many of
us have nightmares of Knightswift using capitals to get us to pay attention. So, we wish to repay the favour
by showing a picture of Knightswift falling over a ledge.

That aside, we made good progress in Karazhan this week. At this point, we’d like to thank the players
that were present for any of the warm up bashes at these bosses but for many reasons, were unable to be
present for the final kill.

We present to you:


Chess Event:

and finally Illhoof:

(who earlier gave us a notorious low percentage wipe after he chained our tank up)

Remarkable effort again to all involved, especially considering Monday’s raid was almost cancelled due to lag.

Larger images:
Chess Event.

Knightswift’s Death.