We Smash Rockguy.

We returned to Gruul’s Lair after the reset, and had the neat result of killing Maulgar twice in 48 hours. It was a bit of a flashback to the old days of Naxxramas and the like. After some initial pulling concerns, Maulgar stood no chance.

We headed up the tunnel of doom (some will claim love) and dutifully wiped on trash as is the SI way (thanks Nestra). Picked ourselves up, and learnt the ropes of this annoying encounter. Annoying if only for the deceptiveness of not reaching your growth benchmarks of 8-15% per growth.

End result was Gruul’s was conquered, even if it meant losing some rogues along the way:

Special thanks to the reserves on hand as always; 25M content is making life difficult for those having to select the groups.

Larger image: