Top 10 Signs that you’ve played too much WoW

1. When you keep saying Just a few more minutes for 2 hours straight.
2. When the only day you go to your parents for dinner is Tuesday night.
3. When you plan your weekends by first looking at the raid schedules.
4. When you log into Windows and type in your WoW password.
5. When you’re relaying a hilarious WoW story to workmates and they stare at you blankly.
6. When you haven’t seen your girlfriend in 2 months.
7. When you can’t start work in the morning until you’ve logged in to check your auctions.
8. When you check the guild forums before your work email because you know the postings will increase exponentially if you don’t.
9. When you go to laugh at someone’s jokes but the letters L O L come out instead.
10. When you write to a client in an email it’s working as intended.