MC & Onyxia Update

Congratulations to SI and Associates for bringing our dear Onyxia to 10%. As most will agree, this was a great achievement for a team of players relatively fresh to end-game content.

MC is progressing well – our non-Dwarf Mags strategy is starting to pay off, so Mags will enter farm status very soon. Congrats to the Purple winners from the weekend.

MC Update

Just a well done to everyone this weekend at MC. It’s a shame we didn’t get another crack at Mags on Sunday – due to Blizzard’s MC Instance issues, however MC will be the same days and times this weekend.

[color=orange”>GREAT EFFORT [/color”>to all on Saturday. For those that didn’t know, we had problems summoning people to Luci’s cave, but still managed to kill Luci with 35 people…and only 2 paladins!

Onxyia at 19%

Congratulations everyone!!

Onxyia down to 19% on our third run (and second week)…what a great effort!

Next week, we’re doing it at the same time, and it would be helpful if you could have a Greater Fire Protection Potion for Stages 2 / 3.

To get a potion, please send Elemental Fire to Kaila, and we’ll do our best to distribute them before the raid commences…

Now on to MC 🙂

New DKP Tracking System

We’ve installed a new DKP tracking system for MC Raids.

Hopefully this will keep the DKP administration to a minimum, and allow everyone to see where they got their points, and where they have spent them.

Your comments on the new system are welcome 🙂

Lucifron is down … Mags is next !!!

Update from our third week at MC:

Congratulations everyone on taking Luci down again this week. Next to be killed is boss ,2 – Mags.

A great effort on everyone’s part this week with Mags – the more we face Mags, the more likely we are to take him down with ease. Any postings on your thoughts would be appreciated in the forums. And also remember that we are getting more Tranq shots each week which will help us.

Grats to those who received [color=indigo”>Epic Items[/color”> this week:

Many more to come 🙂

Lucifron has been Killed !!

Congratulations all! We did a great job on Sunday, killing Luci on the first go this week (and after only 2nd week in MC).

Everyone, please remember to sign up again for this week’s journey into MC, plus we have added an Onxyia (training) run. Would be great if we could see everyone again!