Maexxna Dewebbed, Emperors Dethroned

As someone said on the day, Why don’t we just rip off her legs and go stab? – we proceeded to do just this after a successful two week period in which we’ve gone above and beyond what we have done before. Fast clears through Naxx, BWL and AQ coupled with short staffing due to timezones – everyone I think definitely got something out of the previous few weeks of raiding which enabled us to take down the big spider thing.

The larger version is available.

In potentially a first kill mirroring Nefarian, Nestra collected a Wraith Blade whilst Raster and Inhibitor collected Desecrated Gauntlets . However, it did nothing to put a hole into Inhibitor’s DKP pool. Penalty time.

UPDATE!ย We also ventured into AQ tonight to attempt to defeat the Twin Emperors now that we were able to commit some time to the brothers in arms. The end result was two corpses, and some epic loots!

The larger version is available.

Drognen (Vek’lor’s Diadem) and Eiliah (Vek’nilash’s Circlet) collected their 2.5 headpieces, whilst Merihim (Boots of Epiphany) and Nickelplate (Belt of the Fallen Emperor) collected some nice pieces as well. Unfortunately, some players missed out on this raid due to sleep or overcrowding.

And to show we’re not all about the loot, sometimes we can have a bit of a laugh also: