Molten Core … First ever run!

Congratulations everyone – we’ve got MC runs going each week, on the weekend. Once we get a bit of experience under our belt, we’ll start alternating the times for those who can’t attend, but next week the run is also scheduled for:

USA: Friday 6pm Server time / AUS: Saturday 11am
USA: Saturday 6pm Server time / AUS: Sunday 11am

We did better than expected this week, and got to Lucifron! Many guilds take weeks just getting up to this point, and we did it in 2 days. Thank you also to our alliance guild Edge of Eternity for coming with us – we look forward to next week!

See your DKP Tally.
Find out more about DKP.

Dragon Kill Points (DKP) System

SI operates using a DKP System.

Dragon Kill Points (DKP) is a points based system where players earn points for attending and killing bosses, and then spend these points on equipment.

This method rewards many instance runs, rather than a random rolling method which is left to chance. It is meant to encourage members to come back to the instance time and again.

1. Receiving Points

You can earn points a variety of ways:

  • Arrive to the raid on time (in the instance) and receive 5 points.
  • Gain 2 points per hour that you remain in the instance, to a maxium of 10 points.
  • Due to the inclusion of 2nd runs for various instances, characters receive the points and not the players. If the raid leader asks you to switch to a character for raid balance, you can nominate which character you would like to receive the points.
  • New boss attempts (this is adjusted by the raid leader)
  • Killing bosses

Boss Points
All bosses are on a scaled system based on difficulty, progression and farm status. These values will decrease over time.
The first time a boss is defeated you will receive a 50% bonus.

2. Spending Points

You can spend your points by bidding the points you have earned when equipment drops from a boss. One item will be auctioned off at a time. You can only bid on items that will be used by the character in the instance. Items are class restricted at certain DKP bid levels.

Class Preference Loot Table – Molten Core

Class Preference Loot Table – Onyxia

Class Preference Loot Table – BWL
Class Preference Loot Table – AQ

MC, ZG and Onyxia no longer have class locking. These lists should be used as recommendations for players. However, the final decision on bids will be left to the discretion of the raid leader. They may ask you to pass if the bid is selfish/greedy or adversely affects the raid group!

There is a minimum bid for items:
Blue items = 20 points
Quest items = 50 points
Purple items = 50 points
Purple items from Tier 2 bosses (Onyxia, Ragnaros & BWL Bosses)= 150 points
Tier 1 items = 75 points
Tier 2 items = 200 points
Orange items = Guild Assigned

  • Bidding is in lots of a minimum of 10. An exception to this is an all in bid where you bid your total points value. This ‘all in’ bid does not have to be in lots of 10. Please state ALL IN [Your bid”> to indicate you have bid all your points.
  • Once someone has made a bid, you must either bid more or concede the item. An exception to this is an all in bid. In the case of an all in bid, the person with more points must either
    • outbid (even though they may have bid first); or
    • roll for the item at the all in value; or
    • pass on the item.
  • Players are not to ask for a roll. Rolling will only occur if at least one of the players have reached their maximum amount of points.
  • Players are allocated 120 seconds to complete the bidding process. Please ensure you have your DKP amount at hand before the raid. If you have forgotten, please request the amount from Hallie or Corgi. Do not alt-tab. If you have bid previously in the auction and no longer wish to bid, please say ‘pass’. If you are holding off on a bid, please notify the raid leader as courtesy.
  • The raid leader may elect to commence a bid at a higher amount than listed. This is done to accelerate the bidding process for high-gain items. Tier items will remain at their listed prices.
  • Available DKP points are as of the last completed raid, and do not include the current day’s earned points. This is to ensure ease of administration, and certainty in people’s point tallies.

3. Tradeskill Items

The first drop of a tradeskill item will be assigned to a Strangely Ironic member as determined by the Officers.

After the first drop of a tradeskill item has been assigned, any further drops of this item is rolled for by all members of the raid who have that tradeskill. The highest roll wins.

4. Special Cases

Special cases may arise from time to time, and it is the perogative of the leader of the raid group to decide the fairest method of distribution at the time. Once the raid is over, the case will be given to the guild leaders to determine what will be done in the future.

5. Penalties

Please note that it is in the interests of the players and the guilds for all of us to act honestly and fairly. If you do not act honestly and fairly, you can become the subject of harsh penalities, including loss of DKP points; banned from attending future raids; or in some cases, banned from your guild.

Activities that will attract a severe penality of some kind include, but are not limited to:

  • Looting items that are BOP that you have not won at auction.
  • Leaving with a BOE item that is not yours.
  • Sell an item you spent points on at the AH.

DKP Penalties have been implemented for infringement of the rules. Please note that -5 to -100 DKP may be awarded. It is at the Raid Leader’s discretion to award negative DKP, however you will receive a warning before you incur a penalty. Rule infringements that attract negative DKP include:

  • Talking on /raid when No talking on /raid” has been called. It is ok to have a chat after a wipe, but please get off the channel when we’re reset.
  • Joke bidding. Do not under any circumstance perform a ‘joke bid’.
  • Abusing a member for ‘not performing’ or ‘doing something stupid’. Hopefully they’ll learn from the guild of causing 39 other players to die, there’s no need to attack them personally.
  • Not following orders. It is important that, if you are assigned a task, that it is completed. If we say go right, and you continually go left – that is a problem. If we say No DPS, yet you continue to attack – that is a problem.
  • Attendance – If you continue to sign up, get confirmed and never show, you will begin to attract both the ire of the raid organisers, and a DKP penalty of some sort. If you potentially cannot make it, please list yourself as a potential or a reserve. If we know about it, we can try and keep the base covered. If we’re unaware, that delays us on raid day.
  • Looting. You should never loot, unless it is the item you have successfully won. You should not touch a corpse or pretend to loot in any form.
  • Tactic Planning. Whether or not the tactic sucks or we keep wiping, there is ample opportunity for you to discuss new tactics or alternatives on current tactics during the week in these forums. Inability to read the forums and participate on the success of the raid does not give anyone the authority to sit there and mock the tactics in place on raid day. We understand at times, adjustments should be made – so if you do see something that cannot wait for the forums, then message a leader in game. Do not negate or otherwise confuse the tactics on /raid!
  • Summoning. Please do not ask for a summon because you feel lazy on the day and can’t take a 3 minute griffon ride to Thorium Point. The Warlocks have only a certain number of shards available. Summoning people so they can get their on time bonus is not one of the better uses for these shards.
  • PVP on. Turning up to a raid with PVP enabled.

6. DKP Tracking

Your DKP will be tracked and available to be viewed at all times on this website. If you have any questions, please ask the guild leader or the raid leaders at the time. DKPs will be awarded at the end of killing a boss – you will need to wait until your next raid to spend your points for ease of administration.

All due care is taken with the tallying of the DKP points, however it is the players responsibility to ensure their DKP is correct.

If your DKP is incorrect, please use one of the following methods:

Please advise of the date, what is incorrect, and the resolution you would like.

7. New Members

Signups are available on the website and the list for MC / BWL goes up at least 1 week beforehand. It is up to the guild leaders to determine who they would like to bring.

Please note that regular and reliable members will be more likely to have the first opportunity to join the raids.

It is intended for these raids to be run at different times during the week, so as to cater for as many people in different time zones, and other members of the guilds as possible. If you would like a certain time to be considered, or feel you are missing out, please notify the guild leader.

7. Final Note

Loot distribution is via a DKP bidding system, but final allotment of items is reserved to the raid leader’s authority.

What does this mean for you?

This change will not affect most players in most circumstances. All it means is that, on infrequent occasions, the raid leader(s) will step in during the bidding process to enforce ‘fairness, equity and the overall good of the raid’. This will only happen where the raid leader feels that it is absolutely necessary.

How will this be enforced?

We don’t want to embarrass or chastise anyone. We know that you’re bidding because you genuinely want an item, and because you believe you’re entitled to it, and we aren’t ever going to tell you that you don’t deserve rewards for the work you’ve done for the raid.

If the raid leader feels it necessary to request that you amend your bid attempt, they will contact you via /w and request that you stop bidding or pass.

This will always be for a reason, never on a whim, and you are entitled to know this reason straight away. The raid leader will fill you in on why the request is being made – if you are still uncertain, ask for clarification.

This decision will never be made to ‘penalise’ you. It will always be for the reasons of ‘fairness, equity, and the overall good of the raid.’

We do ask that in the event this happens, once you’ve clarified the reasons for the request, you hold further discussion until after the raid. The raid leaders will always be happy to address any issues with you, but not while 39 other people stand and wait.

Guild Bank

Items currently held in trust for the use of the members of Strangely Ironic:

Book: Gift of the Wild
Book: Gift of the Wild II (Lvl 60)
Deepfury Bracers
Feathered Breastplate
Wildheart Bracers (Lvl 52)
Wildheart Gloves (Lvl 54)
Sash of Mercy (donated by Krystaline)

Beaststalker Bindings (Lvl 52)

Tome of Arcane Brilliance (Lvl 56)

Lightforge Bracers (donated by Telamar 21/06/2005)
Lightforge Belt

Codex: Prayer of Fortitude
Codex: Prayer of Fortitude II (Lvl 60)
Devout Belt (Lvl 53)


Dreadmist Bracers
Harnessing Shadows (DM Book)

Bracers of Valor

Recipe: Elixir of the Mongoose
Recipe: Elixir of the Sages
Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Resistance
Recipe: Gift of Arthas
Recipe: Greater Shadow Protection Potion (Lvl 290)
Recipe: Invisibility Potion
Recipe: Limited Invulnerability Potion
Recipe: Magic Resistance Potion
Recipe: Mighty Rage Potion (Lvl 255)

Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume II (Lvl 50)
Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III
Plans: Corruption ((Lvl 290 + Swordsmith)
Plans: Dazzling Mithril Rapier
Plans: Mithril Spurs (Lvl 235)
Plans: Radiant Breastplate
Plans: Radiant Gloves
Plans: Radiant Leggings
Plans: Runed Copper Breastplate
Plans: Thorium Armor
Plans: Thorium Boots
Plans: Thorium Helm
Plans: Serenty
Plans: Wildthorn Mail (Lvl 270 + Armoursmith)

Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina (Lvl 245)
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Spirit (Lvl 220)
Formula: Enchant Chest – Major Mana (Lvl 290)
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Superior Spirit (Lvl 270)
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Superior Stamina
Formula: Enchant Gloves – Advanced Mining
Formula: Enchant Gloves – Mining
Formula: Enchant Shield – Lesser Protection
Formula: Enchant Shield – Stamina (Lvl 210)
Formula: Smoking Heart of the Mountain (Lvl 265)

Schematic: Dark Iron Bomb (Lvl 285)
Schematic: Goblin Land Mine (Lvl 195)
Green Lens of Concentration (Lvl 245)
Schematic: Paractue Cloak
Schematic: Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle (Lvl 220)
Schematic: Shadow Goggles
Schematic: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus
Schematic: Thorium Rifle

Pattern: Big Voodoo Cloak
Pattern: Big Voodoo Mask
Pattern: Big Voodoo Pants (Lvl 240)
Pattern: Chimeric Leggings (Lvl 280 + Tribal)
Pattern: Chimeric Vest
Pattern: Devilsaur Leggings (Lvl 300 + Tribal)
Pattern: Fine Leather Pants
Pattern: Frostsaber Gloves
Pattern: Frostsaber Tunic
Pattern: Green Whelp Armor
Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Gauntlets
Pattern: Heavy Woolen Cloak
Pattern: Living Leggings (Lvl 285 + Elemental)
Pattern: Runic Leather Belt (Lvl 280)
Pattern: Runic Leather Gauntlets (Lvl 270)
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Breastplate
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Boots
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Bracers
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Gloves (Lvl 225)
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Helm
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Leggings (Lvl 245)
Pattern: Volcanic Leggings (Lvl 270 + Elemental)
Pattern: Wicked Leather Headband

Pattern: Brightcloth Gloves (donated by Hallie 31/07/05)
Pattern: Felcloth Hood
Pattern: Felcloth Shoulders
Pattern: Frostweave Pants
Pattern: Frostweave Robe
Pattern: Frostweave Tunic
Pattern: Ghostweave Gloves
Pattern: Ghostweave Vest
Pattern: Mooncloth Robe (Lvl 300)
Pattern: Red Mageweave Pants
Pattern: Red Mageweave Shoulders
Pattern: Reinforced Woolen Shoulders
Pattern: Runecloth Pants (Lvl 285)

Medallion of Faith

Professions (High End)

Do you need to find a leatherworker or a tailor? Here is a list of all the high level professionals.

Alchemists (300)
– Idreal
– Kaila
– Loup
– Scarletine
– Talas

Blacksmiths (300)

Enchanters (300)
– Loupy
– Spunkie

Engineers (300)
– Telamar

First Aid
– Aylwin
– Elaurine
– Hallie
– Idreal
– Kaila
– Kirasa
– Loup

Herbalism (300)
– Idreal
– Kaila
– Loup
– Scarletine
– Talas

Leatherworkers (300)
– Triple

Lockpicking (300)
– Aylwin
– Cherubim
– Loup

Mining (300)
– Cactusjack
– Cherubim
– Githercy
– Hayden
– Undibear
– Wolff

Skinning (300)
– Corgi
– Hallie
– Loupy
– Toemaynz
– Tomminz

Tailoring (300)
– Toemaynz

Who has the key I need?

Levels 58+

– Kaila

Finkle Skinner (UBRS)

– Kaila
– Talas

Level 55+

Dire Maul Key
– Idreal
– Kaila
– Kirasa

Shadowforge Key (BRD)
– Aylwin
– Hallie
– Hayden
– Idreal
– Kaila
– Kirasa
– Modan
– Wolff

Level 48+

Celebral Staff (Maraudon)
– Apilice
– Corgi
– Hallie
– Idreal
– Kaila
– Kirasa
– Modan

Level 45+

Mallet of Zul Farrak
– Corgi
– Hallie
– Hayden
– Idreal
– Kaila
– Kirasa
– Loupy
– Modan

Level 40+

Scarlet Monastary Key
– Kaila
– Hallie
– Idreal
– Loupy
– Modan
– Wolff

Coppermine Gallery

One of the features we have here on the website is the ability to upload and view WoW Screenshots (or indeed, any picture file) for other members to view and comment on.

We encourage all members to create their own galleries to share in the fun. If you have WoW Screenshots but are unsure how to convert them from Blizzard’s native TGA format to something others can view, let Hayden or Kaila know ingame and we’ll give you an email address to mail them to (in order to upload on your behalf).

Best thing to do is to create your own gallery, and upload them into that one by pressing Upload Picture. If the picture is more general in nature, you can upload them to General Screenshots instead. Any picture uploaded into here though enters a moderation queue before approval – so no need to upload twice!

Some quick links:
Coppermine Galleries
General Screenshots

User Galleries:
Alron’s Screenshots
Faldorn’s Screenshots
Hayden’s Screenshots
Kaila’s Screenshots
Ravenskull’s Screenshots

Epic Sets

Once you have finished with your rare (blue) set for your class, you can move onto your epic (purple) set!!

1. Cenarion Raiment
2. Stormrage Raiment

1. Giantstalker Armor
2. Dragonstalker Armor

1. Arcanist Regalia
2. Netherwind Regalia

1. Nightslayer Armor
2. Bloodfang Armor

1. The Earthfury
2. The Ten Storms

1. Lawbringer Armor
2. Judgement Armor

1. Vestments of Prophecy
2. Vestments of Transcendence

1. Battlegear of Might
2. Battlegear of Wrath

1. Felheart Raiment
2. Nemesis Raiment

PvP Ranks

14 Grand Marshal High Warlord Epic-quality weapon and shield
13 Field Marshal Warlord Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves
12 Marshal General Epic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots
11 Commander Lieutenant General Commander’s epic mount
10 Lieutenant Commander Champion Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor
9 Knight-Champion Centurion Battle standard
8 Knight-Captain Legionnare Superior-quality chest armor and leggings
7 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard Superior-quality boots and gloves
6 Knight Stone Guard Access to officer’s barracks, officer’s tabard, and potions
5 Sergeant Major First Sergeant Superior-quality bracers
4 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant Superior-quality necklace
3 Sergeant Sergeant Superior-quality cloak, 10% discount on all goods and repairs from your faction’s NPCs
2 Corporal Grunt Team insignia trinket
1 Private Scout Tabard

Proudmoore Census Stats

Thought everyone would be interested in this tidbit of information – captured at 3:30 PM AEST on Saturday 4th of June:

Alliance Players Online: 2461
Guild Players Online: Titans of Gold, Fused, Black Wolf Mercenaries
(Strangely Ironic Ranks ,11)

Druid – 9%
Hunter – 14%
Mage – 13%
Priest – 10%
Rogue – 14%
Warlock – 7%
Warrior – 13%
Paladin – 14%

Dwarf – 12%
Gnome – 11%
Human – 40%
NightElf – 35%