Guild Update

SI has defeated the blood god after a longish day at the office. Ignore Troldol’s portal, his Gnomish intelligence suffers when faced with purple shiny toys:

Azuregos took a turn for the worst last week also, and has entered farming status (when we can beat the juggernaut of Nazgul there):

Sometimes, I prefer to visit them in their own town so they don’t have to stand up. To the right of the horde player on the roof, is Corgi:

And finally, this is what happens when you have maintainence:

In other news, we continue to raid Molten Core in two groups weekly, as well as ZG and Onyxia twice weekly. The guild has 490+ characters and 255 accounts, and a sister guild on the horde side which now has two new L60s (Grats Loupy and Edje!). When we first made this guild, we never could’ve dreamed to have such a great guild as we currently do – keep up the great work guys, SI both old and new!