Today, Hallie has left SI and a few players have joined her. Officially, we wish that group of players all the best in their endeavours. Noone can put into words the effort Hallie has undertaken to building SI, and her loss will be felt.

Moving forward, we are unsure what to do about the Red concept. Naturally, we request all players give us a few days to assess what we have in front of us. There will be a few positions available in Blue.

We have also revoked all access for all players no longer in SI. I have no personal wish to contact 100 players, so this will have to do. Those that left today and wish to write a goodbye post are welcome to use General forum to do so.

Naturally, this is not an ideal situation for anyone – your patience is appreciated.

Emperors Duex

Today we rolled into the Temple proper, after handling some tall Egyptian guys and their weird abilities. After some impromptu training on the job (and long dinner breaks for some), we had a look at the two big guys and had a play with them – they looked lonely.

You can view the bigger version here.

Huhuran is deceased!

So we rolled the dice and got a full raid group. And of course, after the efforts of a week or two ago it was a matter of time. Much nerd excitement was to be had following the kill but most will agree this was pretty satisfying, especially with only 6 dead on the kill attempt. Well done guys! 🙂

You can view the bigger version here.


We are currently searching for players who can offer good raid attendance and skill, but won’t get upset at sitting out. These players should be of the Priest, Hunter, Druid, Rogue variety. This opportunity is ideal for players wishing to progress in end-game content, and are good at what they do – but tempered by a non-permanent slot in our raiding roster.

Apply in the Recruitment forum if you fit this mould!

(We are no longer recruiting, thanks to all)