Romeo and Juliet: The Final Frontier

We ventured back into Karazhan this week with a slightly reshuffled group due to the nubs who’ve just hit L70 belatedly. With this reshuffle, we encountered a changed Karazhan – one which the easier bosses were buffed to provide a more challenging encounter for players. We got through that with minimal fuss and continued along towards the fourth boss.

We drew the short straw, and got Romulus and Julianne in the Opera event again. For those uninitiated, this is the hardest of the three encounters you can spawn. We tried two Druids and one Paladin last week, but this week only had one of each. After training the new members of the group, we gave it a bash. Barnes did his usual wall of text and spammed us incessantly; so much so, the majority of the raid group now wants to kill him as the next boss.

Here’s the result of our bash:

A truly astonishing achievement, considering it was performed without a warrior on deck. Special mention to Manaan and Icet who weren’t able to be part of this win, but their contributions no less important.

Congratulations to those involved!

Larger image of the kill is available.