Broodlord, Firemaw – Down.

Well, in the past week Broodlord Lashlayer and Firemaw were taken down. We kinda forgot to take the
Firemaw photo, but here’s a belated shot of Broodlord. Kinda bad quality, he’s not a very
photogenic boss.

Onwards to Ebonroc, Flamegor and the gigantic puppy!

We also had some attempts at Emeriss with Risen and Hush. Didn’t turn out so well; they are definitely no
magic mushrooms.

Vaelstrasz, Dead.

After some information gathering attempts the previous day to learn the encounter
(with kudos to the kiwis who had an early flight the next morning), we set foot
into BWL today to take down Vaelstrasz.

A couple of 1% wipes had us screaming in anguish, not to mention the sheer cost
of this encounter – Vaelstrasz departed the astral plane today. Click on the image for the full size version.

Monumental effort from everybody, including the tanks who walked into a storm
in a teacup with this encounter.

Well done.

After our BWL success, we went and cleared MC. The timer for this:


MC Boss , 4 – Garr

What does Garr do?

  • Garr is a rock elemental that has 8 guards that protect him.
  • Antimagic Pulse – Garr casts an area of effect pulse that removes buffs from players in the area. This does not include potions.
  • Magma Shackles – An area of effect that slows players, reducing their movement to 40%.
  • Guard Detonation – Whenever one of Garrs adds dies, they cause an area effect explosion. Melee must move out of the explosion range when the guards are about to explode. At any time, Garr can cause his guards to explode, doing an area of effect damage to any player in the vicinity of that guard.
  • Combat boost – Whenever one of Garrs guards die, he receives a permanent boost to his damage and attack speed. If all of his guards die, the combined boost is significant to cause problems in dealing with him.

Group Setup

  • Usual group setup.
  • The 8 guards must be crowd controlled with warlocks and warriors.
  • Each warrior needs a dedicated healer in their group.

Positioning & Pull

  • The adds are assigned to each of the warriors and warlocks by using hunters marks, and priest mind vision.
  • Two hunters are then assigned to pull – one on the guards, pulling them to the left and one on Garr, pulling him to the right.
  • The guards are tanked by the warriors (and banished by the warlocks) away from Garr. This is to prevent the guards from blowing up the MT.

The Fight

  • Each of the warriors guards are taken down one by one.
  • Once all the unbanished guards have been killed, the group turns to kill Garr, leaving the remaining guards banished.
  • Tanks should be constantly on the banished guards, so warlocks may re-banish them with minimal delay to prevent Garr from blowing them up.
  • Garr will continue shackling players to prevent movement, and removing buffs – however this must be ignored and full DPS on Garr is continued until he is dead.
  • Watch when you cast spells such as Renew, Rejuvenation, Evocation and Innervate – as Garr removes these buffs as well.
  • Once Garr is dead, you must then kill the remaining guards one by one.

From a class point of view


Group 1

  • Druids should be healing the MT and then their group.
  • Provide innervates to the priests as assigned, watch for cleansing of buffs by Garr, and do this in between.

Group 2-8:

  • Heal your warrior.
  • Once the guards are down, move up and help heal the MT.
  • Guard Selection : All Hunters must mark a separate add. Ensure that you mark adjacent guards. And keep your Hunters Mark on them at all times.
  • Hunters are part of the DPS group. Follow the MA.

Group 3:

  • Peel the guards to the warriors.

Group 4:

  • Use distracting shot to peel Garr to the MT.
  • Mages are part of the DPS group. Follow the MA.

Group 1:

  • Heal the MT.

Group 3-8:

  • Keep your party healed.
  • Cleanse the MA.


  • Devotion auro should be on.

Group 1:

  • Heal the MT.

Group 2-8:

  • Heal your warrior / warlock.
  • Once the adds are down, move up and help heal the MT and then your party.


  • All buffs should be given to all players.
  • Rogues are part of the DPS group. Follow the MA.
  • Warlocks are assigned targets.
  • Continual banish on the guards are needed.

Group 1:

  • Group 1 warrior is the MT.

Group 3-8:

  • You will be assigned guards to tank.
  • Once these guards have been killed, a warrior must then tank the banished adds.
  • The rest of the warriors then turn to DPS. Follow the MA.

Guild Update

Time for a guild update I reckon. In recent news, our second MC group has downed Ragnaros on their first serious
attempt! Of course, there were some wipes on the previous run including a heartbreaking SI famous
1% wipe on the first attempt of the night, but we got him the second attempt.

We also hit our straps in BWL, and downed the ever-present Razorgore! We’d hit some scheduling problems
in weeks previously, and once we found a good timeslot we were able to give it a
good bash. Kudos go out to Blizzard for making the instance so good,
good enough that it drops one of our rogues every single time we attend.

2005 has been and gone. WoW had some festivities on New Years Eve culminating in some very poor fireworks.
Apparrently, they were about as poor as the ones for Independence Day.

We also went out to Silithus on the weekend on the back of some rep farming by Psychotic and Tabion.
We killed some bosses such as this guy:

Unfortunately, out of two days we killed the same boss…SIX times! We also ran across a PvP’d horde
who was a loonnnnggg way from home:

Christmas has also been and gone. 1 year of Warcraft, and a reflection on where
we have all come from to get to where we are in the game today. At times throughout
Azeroth, we run into the enemy, even if they’re strangely familiar (in this case)
Sander, from Strangely Hordish:

Strange times can happen indeed when playing with guild tabbards:

Lots of reindeers in Ironforge:

and the Christmas SI 2005 photo:

Dangers in Warcraft

Since we’re beginning a new year, I thought I would just send everyone a warning about the dangers in warcraft.

You need to look out for your fellow party members – especially in ZG.

And going AFK when you are underwater in Maraudon is probably not recommended!