A dose of reality

SI has been extremely blessed to still retain some of its original core roster of players from when we begun. Some of those players have been integral to the success and longevity of the guild as a whole.

Today however we mark the passing of Balditik, who has passed on following the effects of cancer treatment. We offer our condolences to Baldi’s family and his friends; a player and person of his type has been missed in the months he has been sick, and will be missed now that he has gone.

Goodbye and RIP, Balditik

Lurker Despouted

There’s been many famous spouts in the history of the world. Spouts commonly are used to pour liquid; in the context of Warcraft, spouts have also been known to completely own unsuspecting people who are either afk or are on the phone. As part of today’s history lesson, here’s a photo of something that contains a spout:

Once we established what a spout was and why it makes grown men cry, we proceeded to have a 0.0000001% wipe (cue: crying) and after a quick reclear of trash, ended up trumps:

Larger image: