BWL Update

We’ve had a couple of journeys into BWL now, and if it wasn’t for the lag, I think it would be quite fun.

Last week in BWL, we had a bit of fun with the lag, and Elco had a bit of fun with what is termed the fireball volley. After Razorgore killed everyone in the room, there was this conversation:

Last week, I thought that my 4,000ms ping was bad, and I had trouble healing and fading, because it took me 5s to do either. I guess I was wrong, and this week, the lag left Corgi and myself unable to move, with many disconnects. Just so that when I told you I had an 11,055ms ping if you didn’t believe me, it actually got worse…

Yes, you are reading correctly at 19,000. Hopefully our next trip on Saturday will see a few of these lag and connection issues fixed up… here’s hoping!