The Burning Crusade

We enter The Burning Crusade, backed by years of experience at grinding and camping mobs whilst ten thousand other players fight for the same kill. For many, its a battle against the pack as they move in one heap between areas. At time of writing, Zangarmarsh has become the Hellfire Peninsula of BC release. Thankfully, […]

Yay Progression :p

After a few rough weeks where we encountered the end of the uni/school year, we lacked the time to progress further into Naxx. This week tho, we overcame a rather odd obstacle that gave us some grief previously. So, with the usual amount of fanfare – we bring you: The larger version is available.

SI Defeats Roadblock

On our first day of serious attempts, SI has defeated the famed Naxxramas roadblock Patchwerk. After a session of healing practice whilst the DPS /afk’d and browsed the Interweb, Patchwerk fell to 35%. After some fine-tuning, Patchwerk was defeated with 0 deaths in the raid. Simply astonishing – well done guys! The larger version is […]

Faerlina – Gone!

After some floater attempts last week, we managed to push into Faerlina and defeat the woman and her harem. The larger version is available. Loot wise, Trubbert picked up Icebane Pauldrons whilst Gwydeon collected his Desecrated Bindings .

Hooray! Recruitment!

We are currently looking out for a Priest and a Druid to join the team as we begin the push deeper into Naxxramas. You should be good at your class, and not have a loot whorish nature. Our Recruitment forum details the application requirements, so head there.

Naxxramas Progression

Today we moved further along our journey towards Sapphiron and beyond by downing Noth. The encounter itself is quite technical, with less margin for error than really experienced previously. The larger version is available. Grats to all the attendees and players who fought hard for this victory 🙂 Grats to Saeco on Noth’s Frigid Heart […]

Recruiting 1x Warrior

SI is currently on the lookout for a warrior who loves the sword and board. You must be Australian, of at least 18 years of age, and able to raid Monday/Wednesday/Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon. We do not expect that you are laden with T2 epics, but have the skill to match the gear you […]

Naxx Progression

Okay, so as most will know we’ve started on our Naxxramas journey. We’ve met with some good progress, screenshots as follows. All in all, we’ve progressing very well – with the Instructor battle going pretty smoothly. Corpse despawned, so we went and took a photo in the battle room instead! Belatedly, we also downed this […]

General Stuff + Recruitment

On the Recruitment front, we are currently searching for a Paladin (preferably with Blessing of Kings or willing to respec to) who can make at the least, our weeknight raids. Gear isn’t as important as experience of some kind – be that MC, ZG or AQ. You should enjoy healing (and not suck at it), […]

SI -v- SH: PvP

When we made Strangely Hordish, way down the track we wanted to achieve two things – run Molten Core, and PvP against each other. Late tonight, SI went down bravely 2-3 to the SH juggernaut. Relevant end of game chatter:


Today, Hallie has left SI and a few players have joined her. Officially, we wish that group of players all the best in their endeavours. Noone can put into words the effort Hallie has undertaken to building SI, and her loss will be felt. Moving forward, we are unsure what to do about the Red […]

Emperors Duex

Today we rolled into the Temple proper, after handling some tall Egyptian guys and their weird abilities. After some impromptu training on the job (and long dinner breaks for some), we had a look at the two big guys and had a play with them – they looked lonely. You can view the bigger version […]

Huhuran is deceased!

So we rolled the dice and got a full raid group. And of course, after the efforts of a week or two ago it was a matter of time. Much nerd excitement was to be had following the kill but most will agree this was pretty satisfying, especially with only 6 dead on the kill […]


We are currently searching for players who can offer good raid attendance and skill, but won’t get upset at sitting out. These players should be of the Priest, Hunter, Druid, Rogue variety. This opportunity is ideal for players wishing to progress in end-game content, and are good at what they do – but tempered by […]

NR Grind Time

All raiding players should be collecting NR gear as a matter of priority this week. Refer to this thread for further information. All players will be automatically assumed to have progressed significantly through this list by Sunday!

Bye bye Fankriss…

As is always the way with SI, when the moons and planets align and we get to spend some time in an instance – bosses die. This week, Fankriss gave up some shiny epics as we plough towards playing with some Emperors. You can view the bigger version here. We’re operating on a new raiding […]

BWL Boss , 2 – Vaelestraz

  What does Vaelestraz? Essence of the Red: (Buff)– Gives the raid a 3 min buff that has different effects depending on what class you are, Casters gain 500 mana per second Rogues gain 50 Energy per second Warriors gain 30 range per second Flame Breath– A frontal attack that does around 5000 damage, the […]

AQ20 Boss ,1 – Kurinaxx

What does Kurinaxx do? Physical Attack – Hits for 800 – 1000 and has a forward cleave attack for 800 – 1200. Sandtrap – spawns directly under random player’s feet and takes a few seconds to expand, then explodes. Explosion is a 15 yard radius AE which causes 2000 damage and applies a 20 second […]