ZG Boss ,8 – Edge of Madness

Edge of Madness

The Summonable bosses in Edge of Madness drop items needed for your class trinket from Zul Gurub. There are 4 summonable bosses, and they are rotated every 2 weeks. You can determine which boss is currently available to kill by reading the tablets on the far wall. It will say that they reside at the Edge of Madness if they are available.


  • Melee Damage – He is tankable when not in his Beserker Rage.
  • Beserker – His size doubles and his attacks increase dramatically (5,000 damage hit on average). His movement in this form is dramatically slowed. In this form, he will choose one player as his target and chase that player only.
  • Tremor Ability – Causes stun and root effects in an area around him. This is dispellable.

The Fight

  • The MT tanks Gri’Lek as normal.
  • When he goes into his Beserker Rage, he will target one person. That person should be as far away from Gri’Lek as possible, as Gri’Lek’s movement is slowed dramatically when in this form. He is not tankable in this form, so everyone must move away from him.
  • He will stun and root those around him, so it needs to be a ranged fight. And Paladins need to dispell roots from those who get rooted to ensure they do not get caught in his Beserker Rage.
  • Other than when he is in Beserker Rage, it is DPS as usual.
  • Do not move onto the Log in the area – as this will cause an Evade bug and his health will regenerate to 100%.


  • Spawn Giant Horrors – These spawns are visions that Hazza’rah spawns. They hit very hard, but have about 500hp, so can be killed very quickly.
  • Random AOE Sleep – Hazza’rah has an AOE sleep that puts everyone into a sleep. If this is combined with the Giant Horrors, a lot of the raid can die very quickly.
  • Mana Burn – Mana burns casters around him.

The Fight

  • The MT tanks as normal.
  • All ranged dps should be on the spawns (Multishot is great here, as is Fireblast). The spawns must be killed as soon as they appear.
  • Casters move out of the area as soon as possible.


  • Vanish – Renataki is a rogue, and will vanish periodically and then randomly appear and ambush someone to do a bit of damage.

The Fight

  • The MT tanks as usual. A rogue can even tank him.
  • DPS him down.


  • Poison Cloud – Has a poison cloud around him, so melee need to keep their distance.
  • Hurricane – Nature damage AOE spell that affects those in the vicinity.
  • Lightnening Strikes – Targets people in front of him to get struck by lightening.

The Fight

  • The MT tanks. Keep him tanked facing away from the raid.
  • Melee must keep their distance.
  • If you are caught in the Hurricane, move as soon as possible.