MC Boss ,9 – Majordomo

What does Majordomo do?

  • Purple Shield (Melee attacks reflected) – Lasts for 10 seconds. While this shield is up, 100 melee damage per hit reflects back to those inflicting it.
  • White Shield (Magic attacks reflected) – Lasts for 10 seconds. While this shield is up, each magic attack has a 50% chance to reflect back to the attacker.
  • Teleport – Majordomo will randomly target a player and teleport them into the fiery pit in the middle of the landing.
  • Shadowbolt – A random player will get hit by a 1,000-2,000 shadowbolt.
  • Blast Wave – An area of effect flame attack which hits nearby players with moderate fire damage.

Healer Abilities

  • Shields – Same as Majordomo.
  • Shadowbolt – Same as Majordomo.
  • Healing – Provides healing to themselves or other adds if given the opportunity to heal.
  • Polymorph Immunity – When there are 4 or less Adds alive, the healers become immune to Polymorph.

Elite Abilities

  • Shields – Same as Majordomo.
  • Blast Wave – Same as Majordomo.
  • Increased Attack – When there are 4 or less Adds alive, the Elites become enrages and increase their attack damage on their target.

Positioning & Pull

  • A Paladin pulls the group, and then bubbles. Hunters assigned to Elites will pull the Elites to their respective tanks.
  • Mages are assigned to each of the 4 adds, and polymorph these adds and keep them polymorphed until they are killed, or become immune to polymorph.
  • The Adds and Majordomo are tanked separately, to ensure the AOE Blast Wave does not stack on the tanks.
  • DPS is on the ramp – and the Adds are pulled to the Ramp. Once the 3 Elites are to be damaged to 30%, the raid then moves to the Elites.

The Fight

  • Majordomo is not killed. He is defeated by killing all 8 of his Adds. Once all the guards are killed, Majordomo will submit and give you his chest.
  • Majordomo is tanked by a Warrior, with a Paladin and Hunter. Majordomo will randomly target players and run off to melee them. The Hunter will use Distracting Shot to bring Majordomo back to the MT.
  • Mages will sheep the Healer adds and keep them sheeped (continue to sheep every time the Magic Reflection shield is down).
  • Warriors will tank the Elites.
  • Our Strategy is 1-2-3-2
    • Kill 1 Elite.
    • Kill 2 Healers.
    • Damage 3 Elites individually until they reach 20%. Bring the 3 Elites together, and AOE them so they all die at the same time.
    • The 2 remaining healers will then pop out of Polymorph. The tanks can then tank these Adds, while they are killed one by one.
  • Melee must use Shield bash and Kicks to ensure the Healers do not heal them self.

From a class point of view

  • Heal the Warrior in your group. Co-ordinate with the other Healers depending on the heals they will be using.
  • Keep HoTs on your Warrior.
  • DPS. Follow the MA.
  • One Hunter will be in Group 1. You must use Distracting Shot to pull Majordomo back to the MT any time he strays onto another player.
  • 4 Mages will be assigned to Polymorph the Healer adds. Ensure Polymorph is cast every time the magic reflect shield is down. This prevents the Healers popping out of Polymorph and attacking other players (or you) while the Shield is activated.
  • If you Polymorph while the Magic Reflect Shield is activated, there is a high chance you will be turned into a sheep.
  • DPS. Follow the MA.
  • Heal the warrior in your group.
  • Heal the Raid.


  • Aura should be Fire Resist.
  • Heal the Warrior in your group.


  • Shadow protection.
  • DPS. Follow the MA.
  • Use Kick on the Healers to ensure they do not heal themselves.
  • DPS. Follow the MA.
  • Each of the tanks will be assigned an Elite add or Majordomo.
  • Ensure that you tank the adds away from each other – as they have an AOE blast wave affect, that when stacked can become nasty.