ZG Boss ,2 – High Priest Venoxis

What does High Priest Venoxis do?

Stage 1

  • Holy Nova – Does AOE holy damage to those around them.
  • Holy Fire – Holy damage targeted at the person with aggro.
  • Renew – Casts renew on himself. This can be dispelled by a priest.
  • Holy Wrath – A spell which jumps from person to person with damage increasing exponentially.

Stage 2 (50%)

  • Poison Cloud – Creates a poison cloud around him that does damage to anyone in the vicinity.
  • Parasites – Parasites spawn, and if they reach their intended victim, the victim is infected and loses health very quickly. These parasites can be killed easily via AOE or melee.

Positioning & Pull

  • The OT pulls Venoxis with his four adds.
  • The MT then engages Venoxis, while the OT pulls the adds to the raid.
  • The adds are then AOE’d until they are all dead.

The Fight

Stage 1

  • The OT pulls the adds, with the MT tanking Venoxis.
  • The adds are AOE’d until they are dead. Once the adds are dead, all dps on Venoxis.
  • The raid must either stand within melee range, or at full range of Venoxis. If they stand midway, the Holy Wrath spell which jumps from person to person will be activated.
  • Dispell magic is cast on Venoxis and when he casts Renew on himself, the priests will dispell this renew.
  • At 50% he will transform into a snake.
  • No mana drain is needed on this boss.

Stage 2

  • Venoxis will change into a snake, and create a poison cloud around him.
  • All melee move out and change to ranged DPS.
  • Mages are in charge of AOE the parasites that spawn and infect people they target.

From a class point of view

  • Heal the MT, then your party then the raid.
  • DPS.
  • AOE the adds.
  • Stage 1: Cast detect magic on the boss. DPS the boss.
  • Stage 2: AOE the parasites that spawn. DPS the boss.
  • Heal the MT, your group and then the raid.
  • Stage 2: Cleanse the MT of the poison.
  • Heal the MT, your group and then the raid.
  • Stage 1: Dispell Renew when Venoxis casts it on himself.
  • Stage 1: DPS.
  • Stage 2: Ranged DPS.
  • DPS.
  • Stage 1: DPS.
  • Stage 2: Ranged DPS. (If you are not the MT.)