The Tuesday Night Games!

From next week (23rd August 2005), we’ll be running a contest every week called the Tuesday Night Games.

Each week, we’ll have a different themed competition that most levels can compete in.

[color=maroon”>Tuesday Night Games[/color”>

Date: 23/08/2005
Time: 8pm AUST EST / 3am Server Time
Prize: 5g & a Lucky Door Prize

[color=green”>Event: Gnome Race Around the world[/color”>
Create a L1 Gnome alt (those of you who have no more room in your character lists, bring your lowest level character to the Gnome spawn location in Dun Morogh). Please note that characters above L10 will not be entered into the competition.

You must then race your Gnome from Dun Morog to Ratchet in The Barrens.

The one to reach Ratchet first is the winner.

– No money used.
– No magical means allowed (this includes hearth, mage ports, warlock summons, engineering ports).
– You must arrive alive to win.

If you have a suggestion for the Tuesday Night Games, please mail Hallie in game.