Guild Update

Once again, a great run of MC this weekend guys. Sorry that it went a bit over time…however we were on fire! In the past week, we’ve had the following results:
Onyxia: DEAD
Lucifron: DEAD
Magmadar: DEAD
Gehennas: DEAD
Garr: DEAD
Geddon: 44%

Congratulations to the following people who received epics this weekend (not including Onyxia’s run):
Alron – Drillborer Disk
Ardrine – Lawbringer Gauntlets
Drognen – Nightslayer Cover
Elaurine – Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Hallie – Mana Igniting Cord
Hasanchop – Cenarion Leggings
Phalius – Felheart Pants
Raster – Aged Core Leather Gloves
Razkal – Cenarion Bracers

Special award to Cardz for the most deaths, and soloing Geddon to 44%…well done! We’ll send you in first next week 😀