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One of the features we have here on the website is the ability to upload and view WoW Screenshots (or indeed, any picture file) for other members to view and comment on.

We encourage all members to create their own galleries to share in the fun. If you have WoW Screenshots but are unsure how to convert them from Blizzard’s native TGA format to something others can view, let Hayden or Kaila know ingame and we’ll give you an email address to mail them to (in order to upload on your behalf).

Best thing to do is to create your own gallery, and upload them into that one by pressing Upload Picture. If the picture is more general in nature, you can upload them to General Screenshots instead. Any picture uploaded into here though enters a moderation queue before approval – so no need to upload twice!

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Epic Sets

Once you have finished with your rare (blue) set for your class, you can move onto your epic (purple) set!!

1. Cenarion Raiment
2. Stormrage Raiment

1. Giantstalker Armor
2. Dragonstalker Armor

1. Arcanist Regalia
2. Netherwind Regalia

1. Nightslayer Armor
2. Bloodfang Armor

1. The Earthfury
2. The Ten Storms

1. Lawbringer Armor
2. Judgement Armor

1. Vestments of Prophecy
2. Vestments of Transcendence

1. Battlegear of Might
2. Battlegear of Wrath

1. Felheart Raiment
2. Nemesis Raiment

PvP Ranks

14 Grand Marshal High Warlord Epic-quality weapon and shield
13 Field Marshal Warlord Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves
12 Marshal General Epic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots
11 Commander Lieutenant General Commander’s epic mount
10 Lieutenant Commander Champion Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor
9 Knight-Champion Centurion Battle standard
8 Knight-Captain Legionnare Superior-quality chest armor and leggings
7 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard Superior-quality boots and gloves
6 Knight Stone Guard Access to officer’s barracks, officer’s tabard, and potions
5 Sergeant Major First Sergeant Superior-quality bracers
4 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant Superior-quality necklace
3 Sergeant Sergeant Superior-quality cloak, 10% discount on all goods and repairs from your faction’s NPCs
2 Corporal Grunt Team insignia trinket
1 Private Scout Tabard

Proudmoore Census Stats

Thought everyone would be interested in this tidbit of information – captured at 3:30 PM AEST on Saturday 4th of June:

Alliance Players Online: 2461
Guild Players Online: Titans of Gold, Fused, Black Wolf Mercenaries
(Strangely Ironic Ranks ,11)

Druid – 9%
Hunter – 14%
Mage – 13%
Priest – 10%
Rogue – 14%
Warlock – 7%
Warrior – 13%
Paladin – 14%

Dwarf – 12%
Gnome – 11%
Human – 40%
NightElf – 35%

Strangely Ironic Welcomes You!

On behalf of the existing player base in Strangely Ironic, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to the gang from Immortal Vigilantes & Aspects of the Dragon who have relocated into the realms that is SI.

This expansion will allow the guild to regularly tackle end-game instances such Stratholme, Scholomance, Blackrock Spire and Dire Maul without need to wait or rely in random pickups. This is beneficial in so many ways to all members.

We are very excited by this news, and look forward to announcing more signings shortly.

Pictures to kill for!

Just a little competition idea for everyone – post in the photo gallery your pics of kills that you’re particularly proud of, for one reason or another! Did you just one shot an injured mage in the middle of a pack of angry horde… AND get away? Did you just team up with a group of mages and use AoE to kill an entire horde raid? Or perhaps you just ganked fifty low lvl horde in ten seconds, and you’re feeling very smug, you bastard. We won’t believe you unless you show us! And even then we may accuse you of doctoring the image. 🙂

You’re Level 60…now what? Article Post

We have many Level 60’s coming up in the ranks. This means more instance runs, more Strangely Ironic members, and not so many groups with randoms (which is great for looting, and being able to get your sets).

For some it can also mean the end of a long journey. However, it’s not the end, it’s actually the beginning of a very different type of play style. While you can always start another character to begin the journey again, you’re missing out if you don’t play your Level 60 character, as there is a lot more to the game than just levelling!

Article Post:
You’ve reached L60…now what?

You’ve reached L60…now what?

For those of you who have reached the big 6-0, and are wondering what to do next, there are still a lot of things to do when you finish questing and grinding to complete a level.

There are many instances for the Level 60, and you can go on instance runs for various reasons including:
• Better items and profession drops
• Loot (making money)
• Important quest items

Instances for Level 60s:
• Black Rock Depths
• Dire Maul
• Stratholme (live and dead side)
• Scholomonce
• Lower Black Rock Spire
• Upper Black Rock Spire
• Onyxia’s Lair
• Molten Core

Once you have the general layout, you can also increase your abilities by leading a raid party – or taking a 5 man party to an instance (Please note this is definitely not going to be successful if you go to Onyxia’s Lair or Molten Core which are raid instances).

There are quite a few keys that you need to access all areas. While you should be OK if someone else in your raid has the needed key – it’s always nice to know you have them. Keys needed include:
• Black Rock Depths
• Dire Maul
• Stratholme
• Scholomonce
• Upper Black Rock Spire
• Onyxia’s Lair (Amulet [from Jail Break Quest”> needed on each member to attempt to kill Onyxia)
• Molten Core (Attunement quest needs to be completed to have access to Molten Core without going through the Black Rock Depths entrance)

The items drops from the high level instances are well worth getting. See Rare Set Drops Article. Once you have these, you then can collect your Epic Set Drops. Also included are items you can sell, or give to other guildies to help them along.

[size=14″>Stranglethorn Vale Chest[/size”>
This is a great challenge – which can lead to a high reward. Every 3 hours, a chest is dropped in the middle of the STV arena. Battle everyone else to get to the chest. You can also team up with others to get the rewards. Rewards vary from green and blue items (including weapons and 16 slot bags) to gold!

While PVP used to be all about beating the Horde back – they have now added the PVP ranking system. Not only do you get a cool rank in front of your name, but you also are able to purchase items not available to the general public (and other items wholesale instead of retail). If you’re not in an instance, think about joining a raid and increasing your contribution points.

With Battlegrounds imminent, we will keep you tuned. However, it does help your chances when you have better armour, weapons and abilities when you are against others in the battleground. Warring against other guilds is also a must – and we will keep you posted on that front.

[size=14″>Start again[/size”>
And for the times when you don’t have the hours to go to a raid, or you like the striving to level, start another character in a different class – and don’t forget to message us so your alt can join the guild! Once at L60, it gives you many more options in forming groups together.

Rare Set Drops Article Post

Would you like to know where your rare set drops? Sick of looking up thottbot and just want a list of where you have to go?

Our new Article Rare Sets gives you the details of where you have to go for your Blue class sets. Now you can raid in the knowledge you are going to the right place.

Article Post:
Rare Sets

Rare Sets


Head (BoP) – Wildheart Cowl – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Wildheart Spaulders – Gizrul the Slavener, LBRS
Chest (BoP) – Wildheart Vest – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Wildheart Bracers – Random, Stratholme (Undead)
Hands (BoE) – Wildheart Gloves – Random, BRS
Waist (BoE) – Wildheart Belt – Random, Scholomance
Legs (BoP) – Wildheart Kilt – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Wildheart Boots – Mother Smolderweb, LBRS

Set Bonuses
3: +5 Nature Resistance.
5: Increases damage done by Nature spells and effects by up to 10.
6: Increases damage done by Arcane spells and effects by up to 15.
7: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 40.
8: +17 Stamina.; +17 Strength.


Head (BoP) – Beastalker’s Cap – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Beaststalker’s Mantle – Overlord Wyrmthalak, LBRS
Chest (BoP) – Beaststalker’s Tunic – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Beaststalker’s Bindings – Random, Stratholme (Undead)
Hands (BoP) – Beaststalker’s Gloves – War Master Voone, LBRS
Waist (BoE) – Beaststalker’s Belt – Random, BRS
Legs (BoP) – Beaststalker’s Pants – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Beaststalker’s Boots – Nerub’enkan, Stratholme (Undead)

Set Bonuses
3: Attack Power increased by 15 when fighting Beasts.
5: Increased Bows +4; Increased Guns +4.
6: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.
7: Attack Power power increased by 20.
8: +60 ranged Attack Power.


Head (BoP) – Magister’s Crown – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Magister’s Mantle – Ras Frostwhisper, Scholomance
Chest (BoP) – Magister’s Robes – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Magister’s Bindings – Random, BRS
Hands (BoE) – Magister’s Gloves – Doctor Theolen Krastinov & Random, Scholomance
Waist (BoE) – Magister’s Belt – Random, Stratholme
Legs (BoP) – Magister’s Leggings – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Magister’s Boots – Postmaster Malown, Stratholme (Live)

Set Bonuses
3: Increases damage done by Frost spells and effects by up to 5.
5: +5 Arcane Resistance; +5 Fire Resistance; +5 Frost Resistance.
6: Increases damage done by Arcane spells and effects by up to 15.
7: Increases damage done by Fire spells and effects by up to 20.
8: +10 Intellect; Restores 8 mana to the player every 5 seconds.


Head (BoP) – Shadowcraft Cap – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Shadowcraft Spaulders – Cannon Master Willey, Stratholme (Live)
Chest (BoP) – Shadowcraft Tunic – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Shadowcraft Bracers – Random, Scholomance
Hands (BoP) – Shadowcraft Gloves – Shadow Hunter Vosh’gajin, LBRS
Waist (BoE) – Shadowcraft Belt – Random, BRS
Legs (BoP) – Shadowcraft Pants – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Shadowcraft Boots – Rattlegore, Scholomance

Set Bonuses
3: Increased Daggers +2.
5: Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 1%.
6: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.
7: Improves your chance to hit by 2%.
8: Increases your damage dealt with offhand attacks by 4%.


Head (BoP) – Coif of Elements – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Pauldrons of Elements – Gyth, UBRS
Chest (BoP) – Vest of Elements – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Bindings of Elements – Random, Stratholme
Hands (BoP) – Gauntlets of Elements – Pyroguard Emberseer, UBRS
Waist (BoE) – Cord of Elements – Random, BRS
Legs (BoP) – Kilt of Elements – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Boots of Elements – Urok Doomhowl, BRS

Set Bonuses
3: +50 Armor.
5: +5 Fire Resistance; +5 Frost Resistance; +5 Nature Resistance.
6: +15 Stamina.
7: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 40.
8: Improves your chance to get a critical strike with Nature spells by 2%.


Head (BoP) – Lightforge Helm – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Lighforge Spaulders – The Beast, UBRS
Chest (BoP) – Lighforge Breastplate – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Lightforge Bracers – Random, Scholomance
Hands (BoP) – Lightforge Gauntlets – Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, BRD
Waist (BoE) – Lightforge Belt – Random, Stratholme
Legs (BoP) – Lightforge Legplates – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Lightforge Boots – Balnazzar, Stratholme (Live)

Set Bonuses
3: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 10.
5: +30 Attack Power when fighting Demons; +30 Attack Power when fighting Undead; +6 All Resistances.
7: +s1% chance to resist Fear spells and effects.
8: When the victim of a critical hit in combat, 1% chance to be sheathed in a magical shield absorbing the next 500 damage.


Head (BoP) – Devout Crown – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Devout Mantle – Solakar Flamewreath, UBRS
Chest (BoP) – Devout Robe – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Devout Bracers – Random, Stratholme
Hands (BoP) – Devout Gloves – Archivist Galford, Stratholme (Live)
Waist (BoE) – Devout Belt – Random, BRS
Legs (BoP) – Devout Pants – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Devout Boots – Maleki the Pallid, Stratholme (Undead)

Set Bonuses
3: Increases damage done by Shadow spells and effects by up to 5.
5: Increases damage done to Undead by magical spells and effects by up to 10.
6: +15 Shadow Resistance.
7: +20 Spirit.
8: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 50.


Head (BoP) – Helm of Valor – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Spaulders of Valor – Warchief Rend Blackhand, UBRS
Chest (BoP) – Breastplate of Valor – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Bracers of Valor – Random, BRS
Hands (BoP) – Gauntlets of Valor – Ramstein the Gorger, Stratholme (Undead)
Waist (BoE) – Belt of Valor – Highlord Omokk, LBRS
Legs (BoP) – Legplates of Valor – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Boots of Valor – Kirtonos the Herald, Scholomance

Set Bonuses
3: +50 Armor.
5: +20 Attack Power.
6: When struck in combat inflicts 2 Arcane damage to the attacker.
7: Restores 5 health every 5 sec.
8: 1% chance to stun a victim struck in combat.


Head (BoP) – Dreadmist Mask – Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
Shoulder (BoP) – Dreadmist Mantle – Jandice Barov, Scholomance
Chest (BoP) – Dreadmist Robe – General Drakkisath, UBRS
Wrist (BoE) – Dreadmist Bracers – Random, BRS
Hands (BoE) – Dreadmist Wraps – Lorekeeper Polkelt & Random, Scholomance
Waist (BoE) – Dreadmist Belt – Random, Stratholme
Legs (BoP) – Dreadmist Leggings – Baron Rivendare, Stratholme (Undead)
Feet (BoP) – Dreadmist Sandals – Baroness Anastari, Stratholme (Undead)

Set Bonuses
3: +4 Fire Resistance; +4 Shadow Resistance.
5: Increases damage done to Demons by magical spells and effects by up to 10.
6: Increases damage done by Shadow spells and effects by up to 15.
7: Restores 2 health every 5 sec.

Class Discussions

We have some interesting class discussions during our raids.

Here are a couple for those not on the channel…

In the mages channel:

I have had quite a few comments about how the healing channel is very quiet, and that we really should try and chat more. We’ll let you decide if this is a good idea or not:

SI has entered the building…

Welcome to all the new members to the website. We hope to make this as interactive as possible, so please visit often.

If for any reason, you cannot see the poll, the new articles or the forums, please tell us immediately!!

Article Post:

WoW Abbreviations
Are you confused by the constant abbreviations in the chat channels? Find out what they mean, and you too can start confusing new players.

Guild Rankings Explained

There are 8 guild ranks:

If you are abusing your priviledges as a guild member, you may be demoted to this rank. You do not have any speaking priviledges, but can read guild chat.

New recruits for a period of 3-4 weeks. At the end of the trial period, new recruits will be assessed.

Guild members.

Officers alts rank.

Senior members of the guild.
Basis for Promotion: Level 60, Guild Spirit
Priviledges: Add members to the guild, Officer chat, Player Notes, Voting Rights, Officer Forums

These experienced players are revered in the guild; commonly will lead or participate in guild raids.
Basis for Promotion: Level 60, Guild Spirit
Priviledges: Add members to the guild, Officer chat, Player Notes, Voting Rights, Officer Forums

Characters who are second in charge.
Basis for Promotion: N/A
Priviledges: All privs above, Remove a Player from the Guild

The leader of the guild.
Basis for Promotion: N/A

What is guild spirit and how do I get it?

Guild spirit is about what contribution you make to the guild. To increase your guild spirit you can:

– Play WOW often.
– Participate in guild chat.
– Helping other guild members (with quests, making items, giving discounts etc)
– Attending various raids and groups.
– Visiting and adding to the website.
– Recruit new members (even if you do not have permission to add members, you can request a player of Major rank or higher to invite your initiate into the guild)

Whether you have enough guild spirit to increase your rank is determined by a vote in the Council. Council members consist of Brigadier and above ranks.

Officer Rank: How do I become one?

Officers are highly respected members of SI. As such, they have shown complete dedication to the guild and its progression. Such members are nominated by the current Officers, and voted on as a majority.

As a basic rule of thumb, if you ask to become an Officer, you probably aren’t suitable for the position.

WoW Abbreviations

These abbreviations are commonly used in game to describe situations and events. Expect to see these frequently used.

Zone/City Specific:
BS = Burning Steppes
DWM = Dustwallow Marsh
DW = Duskwood
EPL = Eastern Plaguelands
IF = Ironforge
LM = Loch Modan
MH = Menethill Harbor
SG = Searing Gorge
SS = Southshore
STV = Stranglethorn Vale
SW = Stormwind City
WF = Westfall
WPL = Western Plaguelands

Arathi Highlands and Hillsbrad Foothills are commonly referred to by first word

Instance Specific:
BRD = Blackrock Depths
BRM = Blackrock Mountain
BRS = Blackrock Spire
DM = Deadmines
Gnomer = Gnomeregan
LBRS = Lower Blackrock Spire
MC = Molten Core
RFD = Razorfen Downs
RFK = Razorfen Kraul
Scholo = Scholomance
Strat = Stratholme
SM = Scarlet Monastery
UBRS = Upper Blackrock Spire
ZF = Zul’Farrak

Game Specific:
AE = Area Effect
AoE = Area of Effect
Aggro = Range of Aggressive Pull
BoE = Bind on Equip
BoP = Bind on Pickup
GL = Group Loot
MA = Main Assist
ML = Master Looter
MT = Main Tank
NBG = Need Before Greed
RR = Round Robin

New Guild Started on Proudmoore!

A new guild has been started on the Proudmoore Server.

Players were enthusiastic about the new guild name Strangely Ironic.

A fresh beginning is a great start, and I’m happy to see that this guild is going places…namely XR to kill Horde an unidentified member has said.

We look forward to hearing great things about the new guild – which should give some of the other guilds on the server a run for their money.