Coppermine Gallery

One of the features we have here on the website is the ability to upload and view WoW Screenshots (or indeed, any picture file) for other members to view and comment on.

We encourage all members to create their own galleries to share in the fun. If you have WoW Screenshots but are unsure how to convert them from Blizzard’s native TGA format to something others can view, let Hayden or Kaila know ingame and we’ll give you an email address to mail them to (in order to upload on your behalf).

Best thing to do is to create your own gallery, and upload them into that one by pressing Upload Picture. If the picture is more general in nature, you can upload them to General Screenshots instead. Any picture uploaded into here though enters a moderation queue before approval – so no need to upload twice!

Some quick links:
Coppermine Galleries
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User Galleries:
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