You’ve reached L60…now what?

For those of you who have reached the big 6-0, and are wondering what to do next, there are still a lot of things to do when you finish questing and grinding to complete a level.

There are many instances for the Level 60, and you can go on instance runs for various reasons including:
• Better items and profession drops
• Loot (making money)
• Important quest items

Instances for Level 60s:
• Black Rock Depths
• Dire Maul
• Stratholme (live and dead side)
• Scholomonce
• Lower Black Rock Spire
• Upper Black Rock Spire
• Onyxia’s Lair
• Molten Core

Once you have the general layout, you can also increase your abilities by leading a raid party – or taking a 5 man party to an instance (Please note this is definitely not going to be successful if you go to Onyxia’s Lair or Molten Core which are raid instances).

There are quite a few keys that you need to access all areas. While you should be OK if someone else in your raid has the needed key – it’s always nice to know you have them. Keys needed include:
• Black Rock Depths
• Dire Maul
• Stratholme
• Scholomonce
• Upper Black Rock Spire
• Onyxia’s Lair (Amulet [from Jail Break Quest”> needed on each member to attempt to kill Onyxia)
• Molten Core (Attunement quest needs to be completed to have access to Molten Core without going through the Black Rock Depths entrance)

The items drops from the high level instances are well worth getting. See Rare Set Drops Article. Once you have these, you then can collect your Epic Set Drops. Also included are items you can sell, or give to other guildies to help them along.

[size=14″>Stranglethorn Vale Chest[/size”>
This is a great challenge – which can lead to a high reward. Every 3 hours, a chest is dropped in the middle of the STV arena. Battle everyone else to get to the chest. You can also team up with others to get the rewards. Rewards vary from green and blue items (including weapons and 16 slot bags) to gold!

While PVP used to be all about beating the Horde back – they have now added the PVP ranking system. Not only do you get a cool rank in front of your name, but you also are able to purchase items not available to the general public (and other items wholesale instead of retail). If you’re not in an instance, think about joining a raid and increasing your contribution points.

With Battlegrounds imminent, we will keep you tuned. However, it does help your chances when you have better armour, weapons and abilities when you are against others in the battleground. Warring against other guilds is also a must – and we will keep you posted on that front.

[size=14″>Start again[/size”>
And for the times when you don’t have the hours to go to a raid, or you like the striving to level, start another character in a different class – and don’t forget to message us so your alt can join the guild! Once at L60, it gives you many more options in forming groups together.