Tuesday Night Games Update

Well, Tuesday night has come around again so quickly. Due to the increased raid running, running the Tuesday night games every week is becoming a bit difficult.

So we’re trialing the Tuesday night games every fortnight. This Tuesday night will be the presentation to the Scavenger Hunt winners, and thanks to those who participated.

[color=maroon”>Next Tuesday Night Games[/color”>

Date: 04/10/2005
Time: 8pm AUST EST / 3am Server Time
Prize: Raid winnings of both runs to the wining group

[color=green”>Event: Raid Race[/color”>

It’s a race to the end of the raid!

At least 2 raid teams are formed to run the same instance, starting at the same time. The raid to reach the end first is the winner.

The winning raid will receive all of the raid items that were collected on the raid that night.

The groups will be formed by the players available online, and the number of teams and which instance will be decided on the night.

We hope that every player L56+ will attend ๐Ÿ™‚