Tuesday Night Games – POSTPONED THIS WEEK

[color=red”>CONGRATULATIONS to the team Sorrison, Spunkie, Telamar, Razkal & Aitan[/color”> Winner of the group [color=green”>SI Deathmatch![/color”>

And another round of [color=red”>CONGRATULATIONS to Telamar[/color”> Winner of the individual fight of [color=green”>SI Deathmatch![/color”>


For those of you who missed it, it was a great night. The first round being a free for all, with the last 3 men standing: Knightswift, Tateus and Telamar.

Then we all grouped together, for Group v Group deathmatch, and had a bit of fun with Scions from the Horde side.

This week’s Tuesday Night Games have been postponed due to visiting parents, and the flu, however next week, the Tuesday Night Games will continue.

[color=maroon”>Next Tuesday Night Games[/color”>

Date: 13/09/2005
Time: 8pm AUST EST / 3am Server Time
Prize: 5g & a Lucky Door Prize

[color=green”>Event: Scavenger Hunt[/color”>
Every level is welcome to attend our SI Scavenger Hunt. You can enter as a team or individually for this Scavenger Hunt.

You will be given a list of items to procure throughout the realm. The first person/group to give this list of items to the Game Leader in Darnassus will win.

Everyone who procures the list of items will get a Lucky Door Prize. (Disclaimer: This event will also help the guild obtain some much needed items.)

If you have a suggestion for the Tuesday Night Games, please mail Hallie in game.