Patch Night!

Tonight, with the extended maintenance is purportedly patch night. This allows all of us to troll forums and chew bubblegum. Tuesday Night Games for tonight was also postponed due to the early downtime for this new patch. The scavenger hunt will occur next Tuesday AEST.

That aside, Hallie has rejigged the forums over the weekend to allow better management on our end. This may mean that some people who are SI Members can’t see anything, or may have had their accounts deleted. We assure you this wasn’t intentional! Simply message Corgi or Hallie in game and we’ll get this sorted out.

Also, with this change our good friends can register an account and not have to type their details in every signup. We encourage you to use this facility. 🙂

Guild record of Majordomo on the weekend – final add down to 67% – well done guys!