MC Boss , 6 – Shazzrah

What does Shazzrah do?

  • Arcane AOE – Arcane area of effect that hits everyone in a 30 yard radius with damage.
  • Teleport – Sharrah will teleport to a random raid member and begin his AOE. The targetted member must run straight towards the center of the room, to allow the MT to regain aggro.
  • Self Buff Shield – Shazzrah has a self buff that decreases incoming damage. This can be dispelled (once detected). Mages need to cast detect magic on Shazzrah to see when he has it up, while a priest dispells for the fight. The buff looks like a Salvation icon on Shazzrah.
  • Curse – A curse is cast on players that needs to be removed by Mages or Druids. The MT needs to be dispelled immediately as it increases arcane damage.
  • Counterspell – A counterspell is cast on players at intervals that will prevent someone from casting the school of magic they were casting for 10 seconds.

Positioning & Pull

  • The raid forms a big circle around the centre of Garr’s room, and Shazzrah gets pulled into here (just like Baron).
  • You will positioned according to group. Stay with your group.
  • The MT takes up position in the centre of the room. A campfire will be setup to indicate the point.
  • A hunter pulls Shazzrah into the room using their pet.

The Fight

  • After a hunter pulls Shazzrah into the room, the MT engages immediately. The MT will keep Shazzrah in the middle of the room, with the rest of the raid around him.
  • Full DPS is called after a period of time.
  • This is a ranged fight. Melee do not go into the center area at all.
  • Mages cast detect magic on Shazzrah and keep that on him at all times. Priests then dispell the Self Buff which reduces damage.
  • Mages and druids need to decurse their group, as well as provide damage where possible.
  • When Shazzrah teleports to a random person in the raid and begins the AOE, that targeted person needs to immediately run to the middle of the room towards the MT. CTRaid will show you who Shazzrah’s target is. All raid members should have the latest version of CTRaid installed.
  • Greater Arcane Protection Potions are widely used during this fight.

From a class point of view

  • Druids should be healing the MT as main priority.
  • Heal your group if the MT’s health is stable.
  • Hunters are part of the DPS group.
  • Mages must decurse the MT and their party as a matter of priority.
  • Detect magic must be kept on Shazzrah at all times to allow priests to see the Shazzrah’s shield.
  • Mages are part of the DPS group when there is no curse on the party.
  • Should have Devotion Aura up.
  • You will also need to heal the MT and your party.
  • There will be approximately 2 out of combat rezzers assigned. Healers and then casters get priority on rezzing when needed. Watch out for Shazzrah teleporting to your area.
  • Healing the MT is a priority for all Priests. If you have time, you can heal your party members.
  • One assigned priest is on dispelling duty. You must keep out of range of Shazzrah’s AOE however.
  • Rogues are part of the ranged DPS group.
  • Avoid the AOE.
  • Warlocks are part of the DPS group.
  • Keep the curses on Shazzrah at all times (however watch the spots given to detect magic.
  • If you are not MT, you will be ranged DPS.
  • Avoid the AOE.