Guild Update

After weeks of hard effort by all attendees, SI has ploughed through MC this weekend with fireworks, deaths and lots of loot. This weekend heralds our first clear through to Golemagg! Every attendee this weekend should be proud of the progress we have made, and everyone from raids past should feel proud of their contribution to this boss killing machine.




Our thanks officially goes out to all the guilds (BWM, PM, FD) and friends who have helped us out along the way with tactics and/or other helps. Your happiness to see us progress has been a blessing in disguise – thank you.

To the officers and members of SI as well as our friends who sat through the wipes at the start with aplomb and never once questioned the seemingly bizarre tactics we were telling you to follow, we thank you.

Above all else we’re in this as a challenge and to have fun. Here’s to many weeks of that continuing!