Guild Update

Time for a guild update I reckon. In recent news, our second MC group has downed Ragnaros on their first serious
attempt! Of course, there were some wipes on the previous run including a heartbreaking SI famous
1% wipe on the first attempt of the night, but we got him the second attempt.

We also hit our straps in BWL, and downed the ever-present Razorgore! We’d hit some scheduling problems
in weeks previously, and once we found a good timeslot we were able to give it a
good bash. Kudos go out to Blizzard for making the instance so good,
good enough that it drops one of our rogues every single time we attend.

2005 has been and gone. WoW had some festivities on New Years Eve culminating in some very poor fireworks.
Apparrently, they were about as poor as the ones for Independence Day.

We also went out to Silithus on the weekend on the back of some rep farming by Psychotic and Tabion.
We killed some bosses such as this guy:

Unfortunately, out of two days we killed the same boss…SIX times! We also ran across a PvP’d horde
who was a loonnnnggg way from home:

Christmas has also been and gone. 1 year of Warcraft, and a reflection on where
we have all come from to get to where we are in the game today. At times throughout
Azeroth, we run into the enemy, even if they’re strangely familiar (in this case)
Sander, from Strangely Hordish:

Strange times can happen indeed when playing with guild tabbards:

Lots of reindeers in Ironforge:

and the Christmas SI 2005 photo: