Guild Bank

Items currently held in trust for the use of the members of Strangely Ironic:

Book: Gift of the Wild
Book: Gift of the Wild II (Lvl 60)
Deepfury Bracers
Feathered Breastplate
Wildheart Bracers (Lvl 52)
Wildheart Gloves (Lvl 54)
Sash of Mercy (donated by Krystaline)

Beaststalker Bindings (Lvl 52)

Tome of Arcane Brilliance (Lvl 56)

Lightforge Bracers (donated by Telamar 21/06/2005)
Lightforge Belt

Codex: Prayer of Fortitude
Codex: Prayer of Fortitude II (Lvl 60)
Devout Belt (Lvl 53)


Dreadmist Bracers
Harnessing Shadows (DM Book)

Bracers of Valor

Recipe: Elixir of the Mongoose
Recipe: Elixir of the Sages
Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Resistance
Recipe: Gift of Arthas
Recipe: Greater Shadow Protection Potion (Lvl 290)
Recipe: Invisibility Potion
Recipe: Limited Invulnerability Potion
Recipe: Magic Resistance Potion
Recipe: Mighty Rage Potion (Lvl 255)

Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume II (Lvl 50)
Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III
Plans: Corruption ((Lvl 290 + Swordsmith)
Plans: Dazzling Mithril Rapier
Plans: Mithril Spurs (Lvl 235)
Plans: Radiant Breastplate
Plans: Radiant Gloves
Plans: Radiant Leggings
Plans: Runed Copper Breastplate
Plans: Thorium Armor
Plans: Thorium Boots
Plans: Thorium Helm
Plans: Serenty
Plans: Wildthorn Mail (Lvl 270 + Armoursmith)

Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina (Lvl 245)
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Spirit (Lvl 220)
Formula: Enchant Chest – Major Mana (Lvl 290)
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Superior Spirit (Lvl 270)
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Superior Stamina
Formula: Enchant Gloves – Advanced Mining
Formula: Enchant Gloves – Mining
Formula: Enchant Shield – Lesser Protection
Formula: Enchant Shield – Stamina (Lvl 210)
Formula: Smoking Heart of the Mountain (Lvl 265)

Schematic: Dark Iron Bomb (Lvl 285)
Schematic: Goblin Land Mine (Lvl 195)
Green Lens of Concentration (Lvl 245)
Schematic: Paractue Cloak
Schematic: Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle (Lvl 220)
Schematic: Shadow Goggles
Schematic: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus
Schematic: Thorium Rifle

Pattern: Big Voodoo Cloak
Pattern: Big Voodoo Mask
Pattern: Big Voodoo Pants (Lvl 240)
Pattern: Chimeric Leggings (Lvl 280 + Tribal)
Pattern: Chimeric Vest
Pattern: Devilsaur Leggings (Lvl 300 + Tribal)
Pattern: Fine Leather Pants
Pattern: Frostsaber Gloves
Pattern: Frostsaber Tunic
Pattern: Green Whelp Armor
Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Gauntlets
Pattern: Heavy Woolen Cloak
Pattern: Living Leggings (Lvl 285 + Elemental)
Pattern: Runic Leather Belt (Lvl 280)
Pattern: Runic Leather Gauntlets (Lvl 270)
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Breastplate
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Boots
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Bracers
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Gloves (Lvl 225)
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Helm
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Leggings (Lvl 245)
Pattern: Volcanic Leggings (Lvl 270 + Elemental)
Pattern: Wicked Leather Headband

Pattern: Brightcloth Gloves (donated by Hallie 31/07/05)
Pattern: Felcloth Hood
Pattern: Felcloth Shoulders
Pattern: Frostweave Pants
Pattern: Frostweave Robe
Pattern: Frostweave Tunic
Pattern: Ghostweave Gloves
Pattern: Ghostweave Vest
Pattern: Mooncloth Robe (Lvl 300)
Pattern: Red Mageweave Pants
Pattern: Red Mageweave Shoulders
Pattern: Reinforced Woolen Shoulders
Pattern: Runecloth Pants (Lvl 285)

Medallion of Faith