World Boss Strategies

These are world bosses. This means that these bosses spawn sparadorically, and is not inside an instance. Any raid can engage the world bosses, and once dead, they cannot be killed again, until they respawns – often days later. Because kills of the world bosses are often competed for between guilds and alliances, it is important you follow the unspoken rules of conduct (however, these are spoken). Any breach of these rules can result in disciplinary action being taken, the least of which being you will not be invited to these raids again.

  1. Do not intentionally grief, attack or otherwise interefere with another raid attempt’s kill.
  2. Do not yell out saying die or wipe already.
  3. Do not train mobs onto a kill.
  4. Do not send tells/whispers or any other contact that can be construed as negative. Leave any coordination and communication to the raid leaders.
  5. Just because we’re there first does not give us claim to a mob. We have to organise and be good to go to have claim.
  6. Do not take up debuff slots by mind visioning, detect magic or any other enemy spell.
  7. Congratulate them after a kill!
  8. If they killed a boss, it was because they could organise themselves quicker. That does not make them farmers. Likewise if they fight with 60 players – thats their choice!
  9. If we are on a shared raid with alliance friends, your behaviour directly respresents how those guilds see our guild.

Outdoor raids can bring the worst out in players, and for this reason we will invoke a zero tolerance policy for any breach of the above. Penalties may range from not being included on these raids, to being blocked from MC signups, loss of DKP and/or removal from the guild.