MC Boss , 8 – Sulfuron Harbringer

What does Sulfuron do?

  • Melee Effect – Sulfuron does melee damage to the MT.
  • Fire AOE Effect – Sulfuron has an AOE effect, that casts damage to those around him.
  • Adds – Sulfuron comes with four priest adds. These adds must be separated one by one from the group, and killed, otherwise they heal one another. Once all adds are killed Sulfuron will hit with more force.
  • Add Debuffs – Sulfuron’s Adds hit raid members with 1-2 debuffs (at the same time) that cause a lot of damage. Priests must dispell these debuffs, first off their OT warriors, then themselves, then the pallies who are healing the warriors.

Positioning & Pull

  • A pally pulls Sulfuron to the MT.
  • Hunters peal off the adds to 4 OTs.
  • The rest of the raid stays up the hill. One by one, the adds are pulled up the hill and killed by the raid.
  • A pally, priest and MT/OT from each group remains at the bottom of the hill near the platform until their add is killed. Once 3 adds are killed, the raid moves down to the bottom of the ramp to kill the final add and then Sulfuron.

The Fight

  • The MT will tank Sulfuron until all the adds are killed one by one.
  • The adds are moved up the hill to be killed by the rest of the raid. The next add is not moved into position until the targeted add is down, otherwise the adds heal each other.
  • Priests will be dispelling their warriors, during this fight, with druids and pallies healing. The reason for this is because priests can remove two debuffs at once, while pallies can only remove one. This is important as Sulfuron’s Adds have nasty debuffs that can be applied 2 at a time to all party members.
  • Once all adds are down, all raid members move onto kill Sulfuron.

From a class point of view

  • Druids should be healing the MT or the OT’s depending on which warrior is in their group.
  • Heal the raid if you are not in a group with an MT or OT.
  • Provide innervates to the priests who are in the group with the OTs. Innervates will be assigned.
  • Hunters are part of the DPS group.
  • Mages are part of the DPS group.
  • Should have Devotion Aura up.
  • You are on main healing duty to heal the OT in your group.
  • There will be approximately 1 out of combat rezzer assigned. Healers and then casters get priority on rezzing when needed.
  • Priests are the main dispellers for this fight. Keep dispelling your warrior, yourself and your pally.
  • If you are in a group where the add has been killed, you are dispelling the rest of the raid.
  • Rogues are part of the DPS group.
  • Rogues should use their poisons – specifically mind-numbing poison and wound poison to increase add casting time and reduce the effect of their healing.
  • Once the adds drop below 50% health, the rogues should chain kick the adds to interrupt their self-heals.
  • Warlocks are part of the DPS group.
  • If you are not MT or OT assigned, you will be on DPS.
  • If you are an OT, ensure your add is brought to the rest of the raid when needed. Do not allow your add to move otherwise.