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Welcome to Strangely Ironic!

You have reached the headquarters of Strangely Ironic, based on the Proudmoore (US) server. We remain one of Proudmoore's longest running guilds - having been in action since April 2005.

We are based mostly in Australia and New Zealand - and as such our raiding times are centred around the Sydney timezone, i.e. GMT+10.

Our progression has been significant, having defeated MC, Onyxia and BWL before they were nerfed for the masses, multiple wings in Naxxramas (Pre BC), as well as performed well deep into Burning Crusade.

We remain a casual guild at this time.

Posted on Friday, April 22

Long, long, long overdue update

Guild Would you look at that! Two long years, with so much having occurred in that time.

I thought it best to post the typical achievement snapshots, starting with everyone's favourite alternate dragon. We could have been like the others and posted a picture of a 10M Onyxia kill, but figured there wasn't much point:

Then we had a successful innings with Mimiron:

And of course, Anub from Naxxramas' cousin - Anub:

We also have had some achievement junkies:

Wolff doing what Wolff does best:

A bit of a blast from the past, but some will remember this as a bit of great comedy:

On second thoughts, maybe we do need a picture of the Lady Dragon:

What's that? 40M? When Onyxia was hard? Awesome!

Posted by Corgi on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 (10:51:55) (555 reads)
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SI - Statement on Raiding

Raids and Instances As is the case for all guilds, eventually you hit a point in your raiding lifecycle where a core group of players can no longer commit the time they once did in order for the raids as a whole to be as successful as they should be.

We have reached that point.

As such, we have decided to discontinue 25M raiding for the moment until such a time as we can invest the time required to accomplish new content. We thank at this point those who have been involved in SI Progression Raiding, both pre and post BC.

We cease raiding on a good note, having accomplished many things - including retaining our position on the Proudmoore E-Peen Ladder after BC. In the interim, we will enjoy the break and look towards ZA.

Posted by Corgi on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 (10:51:20) (794 reads)
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A dose of reality

Guild SI has been extremely blessed to still retain some of its original core roster of players from when we begun. Some of those players have been integral to the success and longetivity of the guild as a whole.

Today however we mark the passing of Balditik, who has passed on following the effects of cancer treatment. We offer our condolences to Baldi's family and his friends; a player and person of his type has been missed in the months he has been sick, and will be missed now that he has gone.

Goodbye and RIP, Balditik

Posted by Corgi on Sunday, August 26, 2007 (09:44:17) (832 reads)
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Lurker Despouted

Raids and Instances There's been many famous spouts in the history of the world. Spouts commonly are used to pour liquid; in the context of Warcraft, spouts have also been known to completely own unsuspecting people who are either afk or are on the phone. As part of today's history lesson, here's a photo of something that contains a spout:

Once we established what a spout was and why it makes grown men cry, we proceeded to have a 0.0000001% wipe (cue: crying) and after a quick reclear of trash, ended up trumps:

Larger image:

Posted by Corgi on Friday, August 03, 2007 (04:40:00) (844 reads)
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Hydross the now Stable

Raids and Instances We ventured forth into Serpentshrine after a bit of a reshuffle and met face to face with our old foe, Hydross. Previously, he (or she) managed to use its elemental anger to dish out some damage, and we were not prepared.

Add a week's worth of experience to the raiding group, and on a dry run we scored. Grats to everyone. Smile

Larger image:
Hydross the Unstable

Posted by Corgi on Monday, July 16, 2007 (12:56:14) (813 reads)
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