The Tuesday Night Games!

From next week (23rd August 2005), we’ll be running a contest every week called the Tuesday Night Games. Each week, we’ll have a different themed competition that most levels can compete in. [color=maroon”>Tuesday Night Games[/color”> Date: 23/08/2005 Time: 8pm AUST EST / 3am Server Time Prize: 5g & a Lucky Door Prize [color=green”>Event: Gnome Race […]

Guild Update

Once again, a great run of MC this weekend guys. Sorry that it went a bit over time…however we were on fire! In the past week, we’ve had the following results: Onyxia: DEAD Lucifron: DEAD Magmadar: DEAD Gehennas: DEAD Garr: DEAD Geddon: 44% Congratulations to the following people who received epics this weekend (not including […]

Onyxia is DEAD!

We’ve killed the big purple dragon! Congrats to everyone who had a hand in the many raids before today, and also those who stepped in for our hour of need to come along after we brought her to 5%! Congrats to those who got the first loot from Onyxia: Corgi – Netherwind Crown Idreal – […]

Garr is DEAD!!

Congratulations everyone!! Mags, Gehen and Garr all dead for the first time in the same week!! Grats to those who received [color=indigo”>EPIC[/color”> drops as well!! Alron – Heavy Dark Iron Ring & Flamewaker Legplates Daxar – Gloves of Prophecy Idreal – Cenarion Helm Lindal – Circlet of Prophecy Natasia – Girdle of Prophecy Spinn – […]

Onxyia Strategy

There are 3 phases in the Onyxia fight and each phase is a third of her life each as we take her down accordingly. PHASE 1: Onyxia is on the ground attacking the main tank should have all aggro and DD’ers have to control agro at this point. PHASE 2: Onyxia will take flight and […]

MC Update: SI > Magmadar

Congratulations everyone! Mags is DEAD. After a very quick run through to Luci, who was killed without much trouble, we turned out attention to Magmadar. The group did a great job…who says you need a Dwarf Priest to kill Mags?! Congratulations to all those who received [color=indigo”>epics[/color”> today: Aylwin – Nightslayer Belt Elco – Gauntlets […]

Guild Update

Just an update on guild events for everyone! Wed night, we had a good time at BWL. It was very interesting to see another instance – it’s all a learning experience. Last weekend, we had another great time in MC, where Luci was defeated, and Mags was brought down to 21%. Once again on Saturday […]

MC & Onyxia Update

Congratulations to SI and Associates for bringing our dear Onyxia to 10%. As most will agree, this was a great achievement for a team of players relatively fresh to end-game content. MC is progressing well – our non-Dwarf Mags strategy is starting to pay off, so Mags will enter farm status very soon. Congrats to […]

MC Update

Just a well done to everyone this weekend at MC. It’s a shame we didn’t get another crack at Mags on Sunday – due to Blizzard’s MC Instance issues, however MC will be the same days and times this weekend. [color=orange”>GREAT EFFORT [/color”>to all on Saturday. For those that didn’t know, we had problems summoning […]

Onxyia at 19%

Congratulations everyone!! Onxyia down to 19% on our third run (and second week)…what a great effort! Next week, we’re doing it at the same time, and it would be helpful if you could have a Greater Fire Protection Potion for Stages 2 / 3. To get a potion, please send Elemental Fire to Kaila, and […]

New DKP Tracking System

We’ve installed a new DKP tracking system for MC Raids. Hopefully this will keep the DKP administration to a minimum, and allow everyone to see where they got their points, and where they have spent them. Your comments on the new system are welcome 🙂

Lucifron is down … Mags is next !!!

Update from our third week at MC: Congratulations everyone on taking Luci down again this week. Next to be killed is boss ,2 – Mags. A great effort on everyone’s part this week with Mags – the more we face Mags, the more likely we are to take him down with ease. Any postings on […]

Lucifron has been Killed !!

Congratulations all! We did a great job on Sunday, killing Luci on the first go this week (and after only 2nd week in MC). Everyone, please remember to sign up again for this week’s journey into MC, plus we have added an Onxyia (training) run. Would be great if we could see everyone again!

Molten Core … First ever run!

Congratulations everyone – we’ve got MC runs going each week, on the weekend. Once we get a bit of experience under our belt, we’ll start alternating the times for those who can’t attend, but next week the run is also scheduled for: USA: Friday 6pm Server time / AUS: Saturday 11am USA: Saturday 6pm Server […]

Dragon Kill Points (DKP) System

SI operates using a DKP System. Dragon Kill Points (DKP) is a points based system where players earn points for attending and killing bosses, and then spend these points on equipment. This method rewards many instance runs, rather than a random rolling method which is left to chance. It is meant to encourage members to […]

Guild Bank

Items currently held in trust for the use of the members of Strangely Ironic: Druids Book: Gift of the Wild Book: Gift of the Wild II (Lvl 60) Deepfury Bracers Feathered Breastplate Wildheart Bracers (Lvl 52) Wildheart Gloves (Lvl 54) Sash of Mercy (donated by Krystaline) Hunters Beaststalker Bindings (Lvl 52) Mages Tome of Arcane […]

Who has the key I need?

Levels 58+ UBRS – Kaila Finkle Skinner (UBRS) Scholomonce – Kaila – Talas Level 55+ Dire Maul Key – Idreal – Kaila – Kirasa Shadowforge Key (BRD) – Aylwin – Hallie – Hayden – Idreal – Kaila – Kirasa – Modan – Wolff Level 48+ Celebral Staff (Maraudon) – Apilice – Corgi – Hallie – […]

Professions (High End)

Do you need to find a leatherworker or a tailor? Here is a list of all the high level professionals. Alchemists (300) – Idreal – Kaila – Loup – Scarletine – Talas Blacksmiths (300) Enchanters (300) – Loupy – Spunkie Engineers (300) Gnome – Telamar First Aid – Aylwin – Elaurine – Hallie – Idreal […]