MC Boss ,3 – Gehennas

What does Gehennas do? Gehennas Melee – Melee attack to the MT. Gehennas’s Curse (Curse) – AE cureable curse from Gehennas. Fires off every 30 seconds. This curse reduces heals by 75%. Obviously, we don’t want to heal anyone with the curse so it needs to be cured. Shadow Bolt – Gehennas’s shadow bolt can […]

Tuesday Night Games Update

Well, Tuesday night has come around again so quickly. Due to the increased raid running, running the Tuesday night games every week is becoming a bit difficult. So we’re trialing the Tuesday night games every fortnight. This Tuesday night will be the presentation to the Scavenger Hunt winners, and thanks to those who participated. [color=maroon”>Next […]

World Boss – Lord Kazzak

What does Kazzak do? Melee – Hits for about 800-900 on the average defensive warrior. Strong Cleve – Hits up to 5 targets around him. Damage done is around 2,000 to melee. Twisted Reflection (Magic) – Every time Lord Kazzak hits a target who has this debuff, he gets healed for 25,000. He casts twisted […]

Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the SI Scavenger Hunt! This will run for 24 hrs from 8pm AEST Tuesday to 8pm AEST Wednesday! Each item you return is allocated points. The winner at the end of the hunt is the team with the most points. Your list is: Thorium Ore/Bar – 3 points Rugged Leather – 2 points […]

Patch Night!

Tonight, with the extended maintenance is purportedly patch night. This allows all of us to troll forums and chew bubblegum. Tuesday Night Games for tonight was also postponed due to the early downtime for this new patch. The scavenger hunt will occur next Tuesday AEST. That aside, Hallie has rejigged the forums over the weekend […]

Tuesday Night Games – POSTPONED THIS WEEK

[color=red”>CONGRATULATIONS to the team Sorrison, Spunkie, Telamar, Razkal & Aitan[/color”> Winner of the group [color=green”>SI Deathmatch![/color”> And another round of [color=red”>CONGRATULATIONS to Telamar[/color”> Winner of the individual fight of [color=green”>SI Deathmatch![/color”> [align=center”> For those of you who missed it, it was a great night. The first round being a free for all, with the last […]

Class Preference Loot Table – Molten Core

Orange items are Officer Assigned. At any stage, if the Officers believe your bid is greedy/selfish or adversely impacts balance on the raid, they will request you to pass on that item. You are entitled to request what the reason is. Item Recommendation Aged Core Leather Gloves (Hands) Rogue Ancient Petrified Leaf (Quest) Hunter (with […]

Class Preference Loot Table – Onyxia

If at any stage the Officers believe your bid is selfish/greedy or adversely affects the raid, you may be asked to pass. You are entitled to request the reasoning behind this request. Item Recommendation Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire (Offhand item) Druid, Mage, Priest, Warlock Deathbringer (1H Axe) Warrior Eskhandar’s Collar (Neck) Hunter, Rogue, Warrior Mature Black […]

MC Boss , 1 – Lucifron

What does Lucifron do? Melee attack – Lucifron does a melee attack. Mind Control (Magic) – Lucifron can select a raid member and mind control them to attack other raid members. Impending Doom (Magic) – 2000 health damage spell. Cleansable by Paladins and Priests. Lucifron’s Curse (Curse) – 100% mana expend increased. Decurseable by Mages […]

MC Boss , 8 – Sulfuron Harbringer

What does Sulfuron do? Melee Effect – Sulfuron does melee damage to the MT. Fire AOE Effect – Sulfuron has an AOE effect, that casts damage to those around him. Adds – Sulfuron comes with four priest adds. These adds must be separated one by one from the group, and killed, otherwise they heal one […]

MC Boss ,7 – Golemagg

What does Golemagg do? Stomp Effect – Golemagg has a stomp effect that damages those within melee distance of him. Adds – Golemagg has two dog adds that need to be tanked. If you kill the adds, they will respawn, so they are just off tanked until Golemagg is killed. They then die as well. […]

MC Boss , 5 – Baron Geddon

What does Baron Geddon do? Flame Melee – the flame based melee attack is fairly weak. Point blank area affect (PBAOE) – this is a pulsing effect that increases the damage to you the longer you are in it. The first pulse hits for about 200, the last for over 2000. It looks like a […]

MC Boss , 6 – Shazzrah

What does Shazzrah do? Arcane AOE – Arcane area of effect that hits everyone in a 30 yard radius with damage. Teleport – Sharrah will teleport to a random raid member and begin his AOE. The targetted member must run straight towards the center of the room, to allow the MT to regain aggro. Self […]

Guild Update

After weeks of hard effort by all attendees, SI has ploughed through MC this weekend with fireworks, deaths and lots of loot. This weekend heralds our first clear through to Golemagg! Every attendee this weekend should be proud of the progress we have made, and everyone from raids past should feel proud of their contribution […]

The Tuesday Night Games

[color=red”>CONGRATULATIONS AYLWIN[/color”> Winner of the [color=green”>Gnome Race Around the World![/color”> The night was a great night, with Aylwinny’s route through Menthil Harbour being the quickest way to Rachet. Those of us who got stuck in STV still had a great time though! 🙂 [color=maroon”>Next Tuesday Night Games[/color”> Date: 30/08/2005 Time: 8pm AUST EST / 3am […]

Guild Update

Congratulations everyone from another successful week! Onyxia has been killed. And we have progressed in MC – Baron Geddon is down!! Let the celebrations begin! Congratulations to everyone who received an epic this week. Too numerous to name, however if you check the DKP pages, you will find the answers there 🙂 [align=center”>

Guild Bank Items – Given to Players

Items given to members by the Guild Bank 10/06/05 Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume II to Cactusjack 23/06/05 Wildheart Belt given to Hasanchop 23/06/05 Tome of Arcane Brilliance given to Marolynn 25/06/05 Book: Gift of the Wild to Faldorn 04/07/05 Formula: Smoking Heart of the Mountain given to Balditok 04/07/05 Codex: Prayer of Fortitude […]

SI -v- Onyxia

[align=center”> Week 1 – 8 July 2005 On the 8th of July 2005, Strangely Ironic ventured forth into Onyxia’s Lair to test their strength against the legendary dragon. For most, this would be their first journey into Onyxia. For a few, it would be their first real outing with SI as an end-game raid. [align=center”> […]

Onyxia Brief

I’ve done a brief write-up of our progression in Onyxia, mainly for some screenshots and to give everyone a sense of satisfaction in the effort they put into it. It can be found here: SI’s Onyxia Brief!