World Boss Strategies

These are world bosses. This means that these bosses spawn sparadorically, and is not inside an instance. Any raid can engage the world bosses, and once dead, they cannot be killed again, until they respawns – often days later. Because kills of the world bosses are often competed for between guilds and alliances, it is […]

Recruitment? OMG.

Never actually thought we’d say this, but we’re currently looking for Hunters to fill some spots in certain raids. If you want to become involved in AQ20 or ZG, and wish to be part of SI of course – now’s the time to apply. Start by going here and filling out a decent application. Remember, […]

Reminder – Daylight Savings

Reminder to all players, that Australian Daylight Savings time has ended. What does this mean for you? Basically, Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane are in the same timezone once again (huzzah!). Perth/Malaysia are 2 hours behind this time, and New Zealand is 2 hours ahead of this time. We will post Server Time (PST) when we have a chance […]

Nefarian – Dead.

Nefarian has been slayed by Strangely Ironic (and our mish-mash of Geek Legion groupies): You can view the bigger version here. Awesome effort to all who attended, all who’ve assisted in the past and the friends who’ve egged us on. Well done guys! The day before, we cleansed MC in a record 2h37m – so […]

March Guild Update

Well, while we have been busy trying to organise how to fit in all the raids into our schedule, the guildies have been trying to devise methods to automate our jobs more: And we’ve been working really really hard on making our complex strategies simple to ensure less wipes: Raiding has been really fun. Especially […]

ZG Boss ,2 – High Priest Venoxis

What does High Priest Venoxis do? Stage 1 Holy Nova – Does AOE holy damage to those around them. Holy Fire – Holy damage targeted at the person with aggro. Renew – Casts renew on himself. This can be dispelled by a priest. Holy Wrath – A spell which jumps from person to person with […]

ZG Boss ,10 – Hakkar the Soulflayer

What does Hakkar the Soulflayer do? It is recommended that all the Priests in Zul Gurub must be killed before you attempt Hakkar. If they are not, they grant Hakkar their various abilities. Mind Control – Hakkar will periodically Mind Control the person who has aggro. Life Tap – Every 90 seconds Hakkar uses his […]

ZG Boss ,8 – Edge of Madness

Edge of Madness The Summonable bosses in Edge of Madness drop items needed for your class trinket from Zul Gurub. There are 4 summonable bosses, and they are rotated every 2 weeks. You can determine which boss is currently available to kill by reading the tablets on the far wall. It will say that they […]

ZG Boss ,1 – High Priestess Jeklik

What does High Priestess Jeklik do? Stage 1 AOE Silence – this also does damage. It can be avoided if you are a certain disctance away from her. Random Charge – she performs a random charge at raid members and knocks them over. Summon Bats – Every minute she summons bats to periodically attack the […]

MC Boss ,9 – Majordomo

What does Majordomo do? Purple Shield (Melee attacks reflected) – Lasts for 10 seconds. While this shield is up, 100 melee damage per hit reflects back to those inflicting it. White Shield (Magic attacks reflected) – Lasts for 10 seconds. While this shield is up, each magic attack has a 50% chance to reflect back […]

Congratulations Eronexus !!

A big congratulations goes out to Eronexus for getting his new toy – and the addition of the 6th [color=orange”>Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker[/color”> on the server! If you’re interested in seeing the big event, we have a short movie for you to look at: SI-Thunderfury movie (20mb download).

Broodlord, Firemaw – Down.

Well, in the past week Broodlord Lashlayer and Firemaw were taken down. We kinda forgot to take the Firemaw photo, but here’s a belated shot of Broodlord. Kinda bad quality, he’s not a very photogenic boss. Onwards to Ebonroc, Flamegor and the gigantic puppy! We also had some attempts at Emeriss with Risen and Hush. […]

Vaelstrasz, Dead.

After some information gathering attempts the previous day to learn the encounter (with kudos to the kiwis who had an early flight the next morning), we set foot into BWL today to take down Vaelstrasz. A couple of 1% wipes had us screaming in anguish, not to mention the sheer cost of this encounter – […]

MC Boss , 4 – Garr

What does Garr do? Garr is a rock elemental that has 8 guards that protect him. Antimagic Pulse – Garr casts an area of effect pulse that removes buffs from players in the area. This does not include potions. Magma Shackles – An area of effect that slows players, reducing their movement to 40%. Guard […]

Guild Update

Time for a guild update I reckon. In recent news, our second MC group has downed Ragnaros on their first serious attempt! Of course, there were some wipes on the previous run including a heartbreaking SI famous 1% wipe on the first attempt of the night, but we got him the second attempt. We also […]