Long, long, long overdue update

Would you look at that! Two long years, with so much having occurred in that time. I thought it best to post the typical achievement snapshots, starting with everyone’s favourite dragon. We could have been like the others and posted a picture of a 10M Onyxia kill, but figured there wasn’t much point: Then we […]

SI – Statement on Raiding

As is the case for all guilds, eventually you hit a point in your raiding lifecycle where a core group of players can no longer commit the time they once did in order for the raids as a whole to be as successful as they should be. We have reached that point. As such, we […]

A dose of reality

SI has been extremely blessed to still retain some of its original core roster of players from when we begun. Some of those players have been integral to the success and longevity of the guild as a whole. Today however we mark the passing of Balditik, who has passed on following the effects of cancer […]

Lurker Despouted

There’s been many famous spouts in the history of the world. Spouts commonly are used to pour liquid; in the context of Warcraft, spouts have also been known to completely own unsuspecting people who are either afk or are on the phone. As part of today’s history lesson, here’s a photo of something that contains […]

Hydross the now Stable

We ventured forth into Serpentshrine after a bit of a reshuffle and met face to face with our old foe, Hydross. Previously, he (or she) managed to use its elemental anger to dish out some damage, and we were not prepared. Add a week’s worth of experience to the raiding group, and on a dry […]

Void Reaver, aka Daddy Reaver

Blizzard actually gave the world a present this year; that being free attunement to all of their semi-uber instances to fast track everyone to the Black Temple and beyond. With that present came Void Reaver, a large angry fellow who strikes fear into everyone’s minds. Many a Fel Reaver claimed L60’s in Hellfire Penninsula, so […]

Magtheridon’s Wheels Stolen!

So once again, we allocate a decent amount of time inside an instance and start developing routine and pattern. The end result is up there in the Top 10 lists of quite a few players – the defeat of Magtheridon. The rogue pack did their best to make sure we couldn’t defeat something without them, […]

We Smash Rockguy.

We returned to Gruul’s Lair after the reset, and had the neat result of killing Maulgar twice in 48 hours. It was a bit of a flashback to the old days of Naxxramas and the like. After some initial pulling concerns, Maulgar stood no chance. We headed up the tunnel of doom (some will claim […]

SI 1, Netherspite 0

Progression speed increases when I disappear, so with that in mind the group of troopers defeated Netherspite recently. The ghostly looking dragon with beams of light is gone. Personally, our secret strategy to progression is the presence of orange tabby – present in the majority of first kill shots since 2005! The second group is […]

Karazhan Defeated!

The gang went back into Karazhan today, after a rapidly quick few days raiding earlier in the week. After spending a relatively short (compared to other bosses) period of time learning the fun of Nightbane, he was defeated. At this point, we’d like to thank every player that has stepped into the instance to help […]

Prince Dethroned

On top of Karazhan, there’s this guy that summons infernals and generally freaks you out with flying spinning axes. We had some shots at him the other night, and came back today determined to cleanse Karazhan of this foul beast. It would appear we succeeded. Unfortunately, we can only take ten – so special thanks […]

Aran – is dead!

In Karazhan we continued, and encountered across this fellow dressed in Arcanist. Angry that he was captured behind a creaky door (protected by stupid respawning mobs), he unleashed frostbolts and arcane missiles and drew fiery circles around us. Didn’t seem to matter much to the end result, though: Thanks again to those who did the […]

Insert quirky title here

Spurred on by those with more money than people like me, we continued our journey in Karazhan. Many of us have nightmares of Knightswift using capitals to get us to pay attention. So, we wish to repay the favour by showing a picture of Knightswift falling over a ledge. That aside, we made good progress […]


Recruitment Open We are currently looking in particular for 1-2 Warriors types to complete our raiding roster. Other classes are welcome to apply if they are committed to raiding, however we definitely have no room for Rogues, Mages, Druids or Warlocks. We have completed Gruul’s Lair and Karazhan, and are looking to proceed onwards in […]

Romeo and Juliet: The Final Frontier

We ventured back into Karazhan this week with a slightly reshuffled group due to the nubs who’ve just hit L70 belatedly. With this reshuffle, we encountered a changed Karazhan – one which the easier bosses were buffed to provide a more challenging encounter for players. We got through that with minimal fuss and continued along […]


And so we enter Karazhan. After some slackness with attunement, a bunch of us ventured forth into the land that houses the undead with some nice results. Congratulations all involved. Larger images of Attumen, Moroes and Maiden available.